5 Skin Conditions You Did Not Know Infini Skin Tightening Treats

Many Houston men and women are self-conscious of their skin. Whether they have fine lines, and wrinkles that they are embarrassed by, or scars they wish they could get rid of, Houston residents often feel upset about their skin, which is one of the first things that a person notices about you. To help these Houston residents feel more confident, Ovation Med Spa offers Infini Skin Tightening treatments, which is a fractional radiofrequency (RF) system that delivers energy to targeted areas and depths of the skin. While the device inserts a micro-needle into the skin for a fraction of a second, the heat it exerts promotes the production of collagen, the body’s natural rejuvenation process. While Infini is known to be useful for ridding the face of fine line and wrinkles, there are other newer and experimental uses for the technology that you may find beneficial. Read on to discover how a treatment of Infini at the Houston Ovation Med Spa might benefit you.

1.    Improve the Look of Scars

Many people are self-conscious of their scars. And whether they have acne scars, stretch marks or scars from surgeries, they find these marks to be embarrassing. Infini’s RF technology can help with the appearance of these unwanted scars, giving you back the confidence you deserve.

2.    Stop Excessive Sweating

Excessive sweating, especially of the underarms, can be an embarrassing and inconvenient condition. But by heating up the sweat glands with Infini that lay in the lower part of the dermis and just below it, they can be destroyed permanently.

3.    Treat Acne

While many of us suffered from pimples in Jr. High and High School, adult acne can be an upsetting condition. Research is showing that Houston men and women who undergo Infini treatment for fine lines and wrinkles are also noticing a decrease in their acne. While perhaps not a permanent solution, it is a promising new use of the Infini technology.

4.    Tighten Up Your Body

Houston clients know that as we age, gravity sets in, and part of our bodies naturally start to sag. Infini can help with this skin sagging process, by tightening up areas such as the knees and arms without leaving scars from surgical tightening procedures.

5.    Reduce Fat in the Lower Face

Fat can accumulate in the lower chin and jaw line, giving the appearance of a double chin and causing an unpleasant look. But when the Infini technology is used to target these fat areas, clients see improvements in their face and neck.

I’m Interested in Learning More About Infini

If you’re a Houston resident with unwanted fine lines and wrinkles or one of the above-mentioned skin conditions and you want to learn more about how Infini may help you, call our Ovation Med Spa at (713) 936- 2490. During your initial consultation, an Infini treatment specialist will educate you on the technology and the skin conditions it can alleviate, and answer any questions you may have regarding the treatment or process.