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Medical weight loss

Is Medical Weight Loss Right for Me?

Losing weight has been a struggle for you for too long. It's wearing you down. You've tried all of the new diet fads. You've gone to the gym. You may have managed to lose a few pounds, but it wasn't enough. Worse yet, you always seem to gain more weight. It's enough to discourage anyone. …

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HCG Program

Look and Feel Your Best with the HCG Program

Losing weight is an uphill battle, especially when you need to lose a lot of it. You find yourself avoiding the scale because the number only gets higher every time. You have tried every diet and exercise fad there is. Nothing has helped you to take off the weight and keep it off. You may …

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IPL Treatment

IPL Treatment for Age Spots

Age spots, liver spots and darkened freckles are discolorations caused by dense tissues beneath the skin. The dark color shows through because melanin is concentrated in these tissues or the subdermal material is dark to begin with. Photorejuvenation using intense pulsed light treatment is an effective, non-invasive method for reducing the appearance of these annoying …

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