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The HydraFacial: What Makes It Better Than Other Treatments?

Looking for a way to revitalize your face? There are a lot of options out there. The HydraFacial® has several advantages over many of the other treatment choices. Unlike so many other treatments, which can irritate your skin and leave it looking red, a HydraFacial® will have you looking refreshed in very little time. How …

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Hormone Therapy for Men

Optimize Your Health with Hormone Therapy for Men

As men age, their testosterone production declines. This change is often dramatic, with fifty percent of all men over sixty having low testosterone levels. In most cases, this level decreases one percent per year once the man reaches the age of fifty. The testosterone levels in men begin to fall during their third decade and …

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What Can CoolSculpting Do for Me?

You may have heard of treatments that promise to completely transform your body and make you look like a supermodel. However, you may wonder if these claims are really true. One popular fat reduction treatment being used today is CoolSculpting®. We would like to tell you the real truth about this treatment and explain what …

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Take Your Skin to the Next Level with Ultherapy

Our skin is vulnerable to a large number of changes, diseases, and disorders, and sagging skin is one of many such changes that you may experience during your lifetime. A number of factors can contribute to skin drooping when it was once firm, supple, and taut. Naturally, the most common cause of sagging skin is …

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