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Couple talking about feminine rejuvenation and treatment options in Houston, TX.

How to Talk to Your Partner About Feminine Rejuvenation

Whatever the reason you may be considering a feminine rejuvenation treatment, it can be difficult to discuss the subject with your partner. That's unfortunate because talking about your concerns and potential treatments can improve your quality of life and strengthen your relationship. Our med spa in Houston, TX, offers a range of nonsurgical feminine rejuvenation …

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Woman during menopause considering HRT in Houston, TX.

5 Changes That Happen to Your Skin During Menopause

Falling estrogen levels associated with perimenopause and menopause cause a range of physical symptoms. Most women are familiar with hot flashes, mood swings, and night sweats that occur during this time, but less well-known are the skincare challenges related to hormonal imbalances. In addition to hormone replacement therapy at our Houston med spa, treatments targeting …

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Older couple sitting on the couch

Feeling Out of Sorts? Consider Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormones control us in many ways for our entire lives. For women, they fluctuate during puberty, menstruation, pregnancy, breastfeeding, menopause, and beyond. With age, the level of many important hormones in the body drops, which can result in several unpleasant symptoms. Hormone replacement therapy can help. Here at Ovation Med Spa, we are proud to …

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Will Hormone Therapy for Men Help with Hair Loss?

It’s been theorized for years that high levels of testosterone increase a man’s risk for male pattern baldness. But new research is showing that isn’t necessarily the case. Genetic factors and family history, such as men in your family who are bald, are much more likely indicators than your level of testosterone as to whether …

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5 Benefits of Using Testosterone in Hormone Therapy for Women

Houston’s Ovation Med Spa works to help its clients make their whole selves feel better, which is one of the reasons the spa offers hormone therapy for women. As Houston women age, they may naturally begin to experience less skin elasticity, moodiness, anxiety, a lack of focus and less interest in sex. The aging process …

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What Are Bio Identical Hormones?

Many Houston women opt for hormone therapy as they age and enter perimenopause and menopause. And there are several types of hormone therapies to choose from: including systemic therapy, local therapy, medications, plant-based alternatives and bio identical hormones. At Houston’s Ovation Med Spa, we focus on hormone therapy for women using bio identical hormones in …

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