Enhance Sexual Performance with GAINSWave


Erectile dysfunction is a common problem among middle-aged men. As you age, things may not seem as exciting as they did when you were a fresh young man. Your testosterone levels decrease and you may have difficulty achieving a strong healthy erection. Anything from medications to bicycle riding, stress, or other lifestyle choices can lead to weak erections and sexual dysfunction. While there are a variety of medications available to combat frustrating changes to sexual health, they are not always convenient nor are they the right choice for everyone. GAINSWave is a non-surgical treatment option that reduces frustrating changes to sexual health, such as erectile dysfunction.

GAINSWave® is a revolutionary medical procedure that uses high-frequency acoustic sound waves to enlarge, stimulate growth, and eliminate micro-plaque in the blood vessels that swell during an erection. This allows the hormonal nitrogen-enrichment process that precipitates an erection to work more effectively without the need for chemical stimulation. Increased blood flow to the penis inherently increases sexual sensation, performance, erections, and orgasms.

GAINSWave® treatments are safe and effective for most men who are frustrated with sexual dysfunction. A series of treatments may help you improve your sexual health for up to a few years. In fact, it can even be used as an alternative to oral medications or other treatments for erectile dysfunction or other concerns pertaining to sexual health.

GAINSWave® can be an excellent non-surgical, minimally invasive treatment option for men seeking drug-free treatments. While popular oral medications may be helpful for some people, they are not necessarily the right choices for everyone, and their effects may wane over time. Choosing GAINSWave® may help you enhance your sexual health, which may have greater impacts on your overall health and daily life as you enjoy better erections, increased sensation, more orgasms, and more!

If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of GAINSWave®, contact us today at Ovation Med Spa and schedule your consultation! Our team proudly serves the Houston, TX, area. You do not have to let frustrating complications of erectile dysfunction limit your life, and there may be more treatments available than you think!

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