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Is DiVa the Right Treatment for Me?

All parts of the body can suffer from age. This can be true of the most intimate areas that no one likes to talk about. Decline in vaginal health is often brought on by one of two life events - childbirth or menopause. Rather than just accepting this, women now have the incredibly effective option …

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Do I Need DiVa Vaginal Rejuvenation?

The countless women who desire vaginal rejuvenation typically seek it for tightening their vaginal walls to enhance their ability to feel more pleasure during sexual intercourse, as well as their partner's pleasure. Thus, many women are still not aware that you can actually curtail urinary incontinence and painful intercourse with a treatment known as DiVa™ …

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Why the DiVa Laser is Ideal for Vaginal Rejuvenation

You have most likely heard of laser rejuvenation for the face, but did you know that laser technology can even be used on your vaginal tissues? As you age, your vaginal tissues age just like the rest of your body. This is particularly true if you have gone through natural childbirth, during which these tissues …

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