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Facial Peels: How Many Do I Need?

Several different types of peel treatments exist, and each one targets a specific set of concerns. Light, superficial peel treatments can be performed safely once every six months or so. Other, more aggressive chemical peels are performed less regularly. If you're wondering about the positive results of facial peels and how often they are recommended, …

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Improve the Clarity of Your Skin with VI Peels

When you have clear skin, you have skin that is attractive. If you would like to improve the clarity of your skin, we invite you to learn about VI peels. This is a chemical peel that can help you to improve specific skin conditions and enhance the overall appearance of your skin. As you likely …

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Soften Lines and Wrinkles with VI Peels

When a person starts to see lines and wrinkles on their face, they may become frustrated. They start to wonder what kind of treatments are available to help them. Some have the mistaken idea that the only options that are available are invasive, require a lot of downtime and cost too much money. What not …

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