Hormone Therapy For Men

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As you age into your thirties and forties, you may start having trouble with:

  • A lack of focus and afternoon fatigue.
  • Anxiety, trouble sleeping, and general restlessness.
  • Decrease in muscle mass, endurance, and sexual performance issues.

Reduced or low testosterone may be the cause. Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) can be the answer.

What Is Hormone Therapy?

Ovation Med Spa® offers hormone therapy for men who have noticed these symptoms and who are ready for a change.

Your most recent lab work from a general medical checkup may say that you are at normal hormone levels. However, it is possible to be in the range of “normal” and still feel unfocused, tired, and weaker than you should. With hormone therapy, Ovation Med Spa® restores testosterone to the optimal levels you may have experienced in your twenties.

There is a misconception among some men that testosterone is all about aggression. This is only the case at extremely high levels, and that’s not the approach that responsible caregivers use.

Instead, Ovation Med Spa® uses hormone therapy for men to even out the fog, fatigue, and decrease in endurance. The dosage you receive is specific to your age, weight, blood levels, activity levels, and goals.

How Hormone Therapy Works

During your consultation with Ovation Med Spa®, we take the time to determine if you are a good candidate for hormone therapy for men and to answer any questions you have about treatment.

Our facility utilizes a pellet hormone delivery system, because of the advantages it offers:

  • A pellet system allows your body’s blood flow to absorb the hormone it needs when it needs it. This helps give sustained and consistent testosterone levels throughout the day without a “roller coaster” of fluctuating levels.
  • Unlike creams that deliver hormones, there’s no risk of spreading hormones skin to skin.
  • Other methods, such as shots and pills, require regular treatment. In addition to the inconvenience this creates, there is a risk of a missed appointment or missed pill.

The pellet system treatment Ovation Med Spa® uses takes place about every five-to-six months. In the procedure, your treatment provider numbs an area just above the buttocks, makes a tiny incision that requires no stitches, and inserts the dosage. Most people avoid heavy exertion for a few days to allow time to heal, and then they go back to normal activities.

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What Are the Improvements Clients See?

Your results may vary based on a variety of factors. Here is the timeline many of our clients experience with hormone therapy for men:

  • Men typically find that their sleep improves within the first week.
  • By the second week, clients feel that they are able to think more clearly.
  • By the third week, anxiety and restlessness tend to even out.
  • In the fourth week, hormonal levels begin to peek and clients notice the full benefit of their treatments.

After five-to-six months, you may notice that the symptoms you experienced before hormone therapy are beginning to return slowly.* This is about the time that you should be ready for a follow-up treatment.

Start feeling like your best self. Learn more about hormone therapy for men. Contact the offices of Ovation Med Spa® at (713) 936-2490 or request a consultation online.

*Individual results and experience may vary.

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