Hormone Therapy For Women


As you get older, you may notice changes in the way you look and feel. For many women, this includes:

  • Less skin elasticity.
  • Moodiness and anxiety.
  • A lack of focus.
  • Less interest in sex.

“Getting older” isn’t always to blame for these changes, however. A decrease in the important hormones your body needs for proper health and function may be the source of your concerns. Now, there’s a way to do something about it.

With hormone therapy, women have a treatment option that restores balance. Ovation Med Spa® offers an advanced approach that simulates your body’s own natural processes, releasing the hormones you need in a gradual and controlled way.

The Science of Hormone Therapy

You’re probably familiar with the fact that your body makes estrogen, but you may not know that you also produce testosterone. Both hormones are important for your body’s health and function, but these hormones tend to decrease in levels as you age.


Ovation Med Spa® typically recommends estrogen for post-menopausal women only. Current scientific thinking is that estrogen can act as a natural antidepressant and mood stabilizer. This is because rising estrogen can increase the amount of serotonin in your brain, improving your emotional state. Lower estrogen can have the opposite effect.


The testosterone hormone is a contributor to mental clarity, sexual libido, and muscle tone. Hormone therapy for women can adjust testosterone to its proper levels to improve each of these areas.

Experiencing Hormone Therapy for Women

Visit the offices of Ovation Med Spa® to start your exploration. During the initial consultation, your treatment provider:

  • Takes you through a checklist that reviews the symptoms low levels of hormone can cause.
  • Discusses the problems you’ve been having and what hormone therapy can do for women.
  • Explains the treatment process and expected outcomes.

Ovation Med Spa® uses bio-identical hormone pellet therapy. Unlike creams, injections, and patches, pellet therapy releases hormones on a sustained, consistent basis for three-to-five months. This means:

  • Less chance of “roller-coaster” levels of hormones.
  • No office visits every week for retreatment.
  • No chance of spreading the hormone to others through contact.
  • No risk of forgetting a treatment or missing an injection visit.
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What You Can Expect with Hormone Therapy for Women

Typically, our clients receive treatment 3-4 times a year (instead of daily cream use) because of the lasting effects pellet therapy can have.*

Once Ovation Med Spa® determines the makeup and amount of hormone you require to achieve your goals, we schedule your procedure. During the process:

  • Your treatment provider numbs the area on your upper hip with lidocaine. This is to ensure your comfort.
  • He/she makes a tiny incision, small enough that you won’t even need stitches.
  • The treatment provider places the pellets.

The procedure doesn’t take long, but we may ask that you refrain from a lot of physical activity afterward so that the site can heal faster. You should be back to normal activities in a couple of days.

Most of the women we treat with hormone therapy report that they are sleeping better and thinking more clearly within the first few weeks of treatment. They feel that their mood is leveling out and that they have more energy and a surge of libido. Many report greater capacity to decrease body fat and increase muscle tone.

These effects usually reach their peak within four weeks, and you should be able to enjoy the benefits for three-to-five months before you require retreatment.*

*Individual results and experience may vary.

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