HCG Weight Loss in Houston

You’ve had enough of the battle of the bulge. No more yo-yo diets. No more extreme fitness plans. No more diet supplements. You want a weight loss plan that is going to take those excess pounds off once and for all. You’ve tried too many times and failed. You’re tired of looking in the mirror at someone you do not want to be. It’s time to take action with an effective plan that will give you the figure you have wanted for so long. HCG weight loss at our med spa in Houston could be the answer you have been searching for all this time.

What is HCG Weight Loss?

HCG weight loss is an exciting program that taps into the use of a hormone to help you to achieve positive results. You’ll need to get injections of HCG, otherwise known as human chorionic gonadotropin. This hormone is natural. It’s present in women while they are expecting. When HCG is used as part of the HCG weight loss plan in Houston, it will help you to get rid of your cravings. It’s an excellent appetite suppressant. You won’t be hungry all of the time. One of the biggest battles in weight loss is being able to resist temptation. HCG injections will make this easier for you. As an added benefit, HCG will help your other hormones to be more balanced in your body. Your metabolism will work at optimal levels, burning away the fat that has been giving you such a problem. However, you won’t experience muscle loss. This is key in effective weight loss. You want to build muscle while you eliminate fat.

HCG Weight Loss is About More than HCG

In addition to getting injections of HCG, you will cut calories while you are on this diet. Your calories may range from 500 a day to 1,500 a day. Our team will determine which amount is best for you. You will have guidance while you are on this diet to make sure that your weight loss is safe. Your calorie intake and HCG dosage can be adjusted at any time as needed. You’ll see the weight come off at a fast pace. As you shed those unwanted pounds and see results, you’ll want to keep going until you have the body that you want.

Learn More About HCG Weight Loss in Houston

If you are ready to start a weight loss program that works, try HCG weight loss at Ovation Med Spa in Houston. Goals will be set for you and you will be provided with a HCG weight loss plan that is personalized to help you. Get ready to see the weight come off so that you can meet the new you. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and get started!