Hydrate Your Skin with a Customized Oxygen Facial

Facial treatments range from abrasive resurfacing to laser therapy and nutrient infusion. Because of the major advancements in nutrient serums, the delivery mechanisms for them have evolved quickly. The oxygen facial is becoming more and more popular not only because of its immediate benefits, but also because the treatment itself is gentle and typically takes less than one hour.

This type of facial skin treatment can be customized according to the individual’s concerns, most visible signs of aging, and skin tone and thickness. After receiving an oxygen facial treatment, most of our clients walk away with a glowing complexion, fully hydrated skin, and better overall skin tone.

Customizing the Oxygen Facial

Oxygen under pressure delivers tiny particles of low-weight hyaluronic acid and other compounds directly into the skin layers. It works much like a spray hose. The oxygen-rich serums effectively stimulate healthy skin tissue production, and the acid draws in and holds moisture, adding volume to problem areas.

Several different treatment options are offered to address specific concerns. These include a rejuvenation procedure that targets uneven skin tone and fine wrinkles. The opulence treatment adds luminosity to the skin and gives it a more glowing appearance. The clarity treatment restores moisture balance and reduces the chance of acne outbreaks.

Each of these treatments involves a specific mixture of hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, peptides, and certain botanical extracts. During the consultation with the client, we explore all of these treatment options and design a customized oxygen facial treatment for the individual.

After Treatment

Results are immediately noticeable, but improvement in skin tone and texture continues for weeks after the treatment. We can offer the client several booster products to use at home as a supplement to the in-clinic treatment procedure. In the weeks following treatment, the skin becomes more evenly toned, and the lower dermal layers will become more densely filled with collagen. As the new epidermal layer forms, it will be more smoother and suppler than the surface layer it replaces.


This type of facial treatment requires absolutely no downtime for the client, making it easy to schedule around other activities. The procedure is repeatable at regular intervals. Unlike other facial treatments, the oxygen facial will not bleach the skin or cause damage to the existing epidermis.

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Celebrities like Madonna swear by the oxygen facial, and it may be the perfect treatment for you. Make an appointment at Ovation Med Spa in Houston to learn more about how this amazing facial can hydrate your skin. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and get started.