Look and Feel Your Best with the HCG Program

Losing weight is an uphill battle, especially when you need to lose a lot of it. You find yourself avoiding the scale because the number only gets higher every time. You have tried every diet and exercise fad there is. Nothing has helped you to take off the weight and keep it off. You may have lost some weight somewhere along the way, but it all comes back. Worse yet, it adds up even more. You feel like you don’t even know the person in the mirror anymore. Think about the HCG program to turn your life around.

What is the HCG Diet All About?

This is an exciting program that uses human chorionic gonadotropin, otherwise known as HCG, to give you the nudge you need in order to lose weight. This is a hormone that is produced naturally in the human body. It specifically affects pregnant women, helping their babies to develop in the womb. When used in daily injections for the HCG program, it will fight hunger cravings as it curbs your appetite. But the diet doesn’t stop there. You will also have a change in the amount of calories you can have in a day. It could be anywhere from 500 calories up to 1,500 calories. We will determine the right amount for you.

What are the Benefits of the Program?

The HCG program will keep you from being hungry while you are cutting back the calories. You will see rapid results. As the weight comes off, it will be easier to keep yourself going until you finally reach the weight that you want to be. As an added bonus, the HCG program protects your muscles while burning away the fat. You’ll have supervision from our medical professional to make sure you are getting results and that the program is safe for you. As the weight comes off, you will find that it is easier to become more active. Give yourself the chance to get rid of those extra pounds once and for all with a program that truly works.

Find Out What the HCG Diet Can Do for You

Don’t let your struggles with your weight get the best of you anymore. You can trim down to a size that makes you happy. Forget about past failures. It is time to succeed. The HCG program at Ovation Med Spa in Houston gives you a boost from a natural substance that will work wonders. Stay the course and watch as the number on the scale goes down for a change. Losing weight has been tough in the past. The HCG program will make your life easier. You’ll finally be able to look in the mirror and say you like what you see. Contact us today to schedule a consultation at our office and get started!