Low Testosterone Treatment

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You may have written off certain experiences as signs of getting older. Maybe you’re having trouble exercising or recovering from physical activity. It could be sexual performance issues. Or, you may simply feel less stamina and mental sharpness.

For many men, age isn’t the problem. Instead, low testosterone may be to blame.

Testosterone is the hormone that helps maintain bone density, muscle, sexual performance, and red blood cell production. The level of testosterone can begin to decrease even as early as in your twenties but more commonly in the thirties and forties.

If you’ve noticed these symptoms and want to do something about it, Ovation Med Spa® is ready to help.

Do You Need Treatment for Low Testosterone?

Men should consider getting a medical physical on a regular basis. As part of this process, most doctors look at blood tests and lab values to ensure that they are in the normal range for patient’s age.

That’s the key idea here: for that person’s age.

In some cases, testosterone levels are right for the age but not right for the man. If you have low testosterone compared to where you were in your early twenties and you are feeling less energetic or strong or are having performance issues, you may want to make a change.

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Exploring Low Testosterone Treatment

When you visit the offices of Ovation Med Spa®, we help you learn whether you are a good candidate for treatment. As part of the process:

  • You complete a symptom checklist that covers the variety of issues low testosterone can cause.
  • Your treatment provider talks with you about the concerns you have and what you’d like to achieve.
  • Your provider explains what low testosterone treatment is and what it can do.

Once you decide to have treatment, you and your provider create a plan based on your individual goals.

What You Can Expect with Low Testosterone Treatment

Treatment for low testosterone is one of several hormone replacement therapies. Ovation Med Spa® uses a slow-release pellet approach rather than an injectable approach. Experience and research has shown us that pellet therapy provides a consistent release of hormone more in line with the body’s own natural processes.

The procedure takes about fifteen minutes. Your provider:

  • Numbs the area of the hip with a lidocaine injection.
  • Creates a tiny incision.
  • Inserts a pellet or multiple pellets that contain testosterone hormone.
  • Closes the site with Steristrip or gauze—no stitches required.

The treatment site heals within a couple of days, during which time we discourage significant physical activity. You can take off the dressing within a week.

Typically, clients feel a difference soon after the hormones begin releasing: a change in energy levels, focus, stamina, and sexual functioning. For many, it’s a restorative treatment that helps them feel, think, and perform their best.*

*Individual results and experience may vary.

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