Minimize Wrinkles with BOTOX

As our skin ages, wrinkles form more easily, especially those lines that form around our eyes and forehead whenever we smile, frown, or make any other sort of expression. This makes us look unhealthy and tired. Some of the available treatments for dynamic wrinkles are rather aggressive in nature. If you want a simple solution, consider BOTOX® injections.

We’re cosmetic experts, and after examining your facial skin, we may perform a BOTOX® treatment that will smooth away those annoying crow’s feet and other wrinkles, and we can do it without resurfacing the skin, repositioning any tissue, or peeling away skin layers. Does this sound good so far? If so, you are warmly invited to learn more.

A Closer Look at BOTOX®

A lot of people have misconceptions about BOTOX®. They think it is unsafe. Think again. This amazing solution can actually be your friend. When it gets injected into muscle tissue, it blocks nerve signals that would otherwise command the muscle to contract. It’s the constant contraction and relaxation of certain muscles in your face that cause the eventual etching of crow’s feet and other wrinkles.

Performing the Treatment

After we examine your facial features and look at the expression lines that form when you smile or pout, we can determine the proper dosage and injection sites. We know just which part of the muscle to affect with the fluid. It’s safe to inject the fluid near your eyes and on your forehead; however, it’s also safe for use in other areas as well.

After just days, you’ll start to notice visual improvement. You’ll go on widening your eyes and smiling just as you did before, but you can forget about the appearance of fine wrinkles and crow’s feet. The skin isn’t pinched as much as it was prior to treatment, and your skin remains much smoother. You can get repeat injections after multiple months because the solution eventually goes neutral and gets flushed from the body.

Regain Your Self-Confidence with an Easy Treatment

BOTOX® injections are simple to perform, and you experience no set downtime after treatment. If you’re not ready to consider an aggressive skin resurfacing treatment just yet, we have the perfect alternative. In fact, at Ovation Med Spa, we offer both BOTOX® and Dysport® treatments, so our patients have options. Contact us today to book an appointment at our office in Houston, TX. We look forward to hearing from you!