Enjoy Total Body Wellness with the LightStim Bed

Life can be very stressful. There is stress that comes from work, stress from family, stress from friends, and stress that one puts on themselves. Stress not only affects you emotionally, but it also affects you physically. When your body is constantly under stress, your muscles are tense and locked up. The result is muscle pain and muscle discomfort. A LightStim bed may be able to help you minimize some of the stress you are feeling and give you total body wellness.

When describing their experience in a LightStim bed, many describe it as receiving a full body massage, or they compare it to the relaxation they feel when they are in a hot tub. The LightStim bed is a full-size bed that uses a red light to relax your body. It reduces stress levels and can give you an overall sense of calm.

The LightStim bed is primarily used by individuals who have sore muscles and are battling with arthritis pain. The increased blood circulation caused during the therapy can relieve some of this discomfort. Injuries heal quicker, and some believe that LightStim bed therapy reduces blood pressure, reduces heart attacks, and can minimize the stress of a stroke.

The LightStim bed provides a counterbalance against UV damage. It is not uncommon for users to comment that after having the treatments done, their skin complexion looks a whole lot better. Throughout their body, they notice a reduction in sunspots and wrinkles. What may be surprising is that many who were battling with acne say that after undergoing this relaxing treatment, the number of acne outbreaks they had was reduced.

A term that is used time and time again when discussing this treatment is relaxing. For many, just being able to relax in a warm and soothing environment is what their body needs to start working again. When a person is allowed to relax for a set amount of time, their blood pressure reduces, their stress levels reduce, and they have a whole host of short-term and long-term health benefits.

When you look at the lights that are used in the LightStim bed, it is easy to mistakenly think that you’re just looking at red lights. The truth is that these lights are specially designed to generate various wavelengths to attack different problems. Infrared and deep infrared lights can affect deeper muscles and deeper joints. The warming that they induce gently helps to get rid of pain and stiffness. What’s nice is that unlike a heating pad that works from the outside in, these infrared lights work on the inside.

You will walk away feeling surprisingly relaxed. It is recommended that you frequently repeat your treatments with the goal of getting optimal results. Contact us today at Ovation Med Spa to learn more and start your journey to total body wellness.