Facial Peels: How Many Do I Need?

Several different types of peel treatments exist, and each one targets a specific set of concerns. Light, superficial peel treatments can be performed safely once every six months or so. Other, more aggressive chemical peels are performed less regularly. If you’re wondering about the positive results of facial peels and how often they are recommended, the following information will be of great interest to you.


How Peel Treatments Improve Skin Health


Major concerns our clients bring to us include the appearance of age-related wrinkling, more prominent scarring and age spots, and skin brittleness. Most of these problems are caused by environmental factors and a decrease of collagen in the skin.


When a peel solution is applied to the skin surface, it slowly but surely dries up the epidermal layer. Eventually, this layer flakes off, and the body accelerates the production of replacement tissue. Since the peel effect triggers a rush of nutrients to the affected area, the new tissue is likely going to be healthier than the old epidermal layer.


Some facial peels are performed to address problems that lie beneath the epidermal layer. Moderate wrinkling, subsurface hyperpigmentation, and deep scarring can be treated with a facial peel, but the treatment involves the use of a stronger acid, and the acid penetrates deeper than the epidermal layer.


Medium-Depth Peel (VI Peel)


This treatment involves flaking away of some of the upper dermal layer that lies beneath the epidermis. For safety, it can only be performed about once every two years. This treatment addresses problems with acne scarring, uneven skin color caused by sun damage, and moderate wrinkling. It is safe for all skin types, so everyone can experience glowing skin with a VI peel.


Which Peel Treatment Is Right for You?


Visit with the professionals at Ovation Med Spa in Houston and we’ll let you know the answer. You’ll get some valuable information about the benefits of facial peels. Contact us today to schedule your personal consultation and learn how a chemical peel can significantly improve the appearance of your facial skin.