Revitalize Your Skin With a Chemical Peel

Your skin does a beautiful job of protecting your body from many substances that are found in the environment around you. It protects you from things that you can see as well as things that you cannot see. Your skin is constantly being bombarded by the sun’s UV rays. This is especially true for your face, neck, and hands. This constant bombardment can do a number on your skin. This is why when you see people who spend a lot of time in the sun, their skin is usually damaged, wrinkled, and has a leathery feel and appearance.This does not mean that there is nothing you can do to protect your skin or to reverse some of the damage done by the sun. A chemical peel goes far to reduce much of the damage brought on by repeated sun exposure.

During a chemical peel, an acid solution is used to get rid of the external layers of your skin that have been damaged or are dead. The goal is to improve your skin’s texture and make your skin look and feel smooth.

When a chemical peel is performed by someone who has the training and expertise to do it properly, it serves as a safe way to minimize wrinkles while making corrections to your skin tone. Having a dermatologist or an aesthetician perform your procedure is a must. At Ovation Med Spa, we will always take the time to talk to you about what your skin care goals are, and we will give you a very realistic expectation for what the procedure can do for you. We will always let you know what kind of benefits you can look forward to once your treatment is finished.

For the most part, chemical peels are used when people want to restore their youthful appearance. They are saddened by the way that sun damage has left their skin looking wrinkly or blotchy.

We offer a very specially designed chemical peel at our office: the Epionce Peel System. This physician-grade peel differs from others in the sense in that it operates by increasing cell turnover. This particular chemical peel doesn’t just stop at skin rejuvenation. It’s also useful for treating hyperpigmentation and rosacea. As with most of our treatment, the Epionce Peel System can be finely tuned and personalized to meet your needs exactly.

A chemical peel is a powerful tool that can revitalize your skin, giving you back the youthful appearance that the sun and environmental factors may have taken from you. Ovation Med Spa proudly offers the highly personalized Epionce Peel System to clients in Houston looking to revitalize your skin. To learn more, schedule your consultation with us today.