Why the DiVa Laser is Ideal for Vaginal Rejuvenation

You have most likely heard of laser rejuvenation for the face, but did you know that laser technology can even be used on your vaginal tissues? As you age, your vaginal tissues age just like the rest of your body. This is particularly true if you have gone through natural childbirth, during which these tissues were stretched greatly. It is hard for tissues to recover completely after something like this. However, with DiVa™ laser treatments for vaginal rejuvenation, you can tighten and tone these areas quickly and conveniently. The treatment is performed right here in our office.

Of course, just as there are many laser treatments that you can choose from for your facial and bodily skin, there are also several that you can choose from for your vaginal tissues. We believe that the DiVa™ laser is the best option for many of our patients because of its track record. Plus, it provides help for a number of the most concerning issues that women face. Not only can it make sexual intercourse more pleasurable, but it can also help with such physical problems as urinary incontinence, which happens to many women as they age.

The specific benefits of the DiVa™ laser are many. As your vaginal tissues are rejuvenated, they become tighter and more toned. This makes sexual intercourse more pleasurable for you and your significant other. In addition, these newly rejuvenated tissues are better lubricated, making sexual intercourse less painful than it once was. You will also find it easier to reach a climax. In addition, if you have suffered from urinary incontinence, such as the leaking that often happens when laughing, coughing or sneezing, the DiVa™ laser has your back. Once the tissues and muscles are tightened in this area, you will find that these problems decrease or go away altogether.

A treatment with DiVa™ is easy and comfortable. You may need up to three separate treatments depending on your vaginal laxity. During your treatment, we will use a special hybrid fractional laser. The laser treats only a fraction of the tissues, leaving other tissues healthy and untouched. This allows healing properties from your body to rush to the site to improve blood flow and produce more collagen.

With our DiVa™ laser treatments at Ovation Med Spa in Houston, you can address your vaginal concerns using a simple, non-surgical procedure. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn more!