5 Facts About CoolSculpting You Might Not Know

CoolSculpting has helped thousands of patients reduce unwanted fat in their abdomen, arms, and love handles. Before coming to our Houston medical spa for treatment, here are five facts about CoolSculpting that will help you understand the what CoolSculpting can (and can’t) do.

1.    CoolSculpting Does Not Treat Sagging Skin

Fat reduction treatment, whether surgical or non-surgical, does nothing to help sagging skin. The focus is getting rid of fat cells to sculpt your body, not tightening skin. We offer body contouring treatments designed to improve the firmness of your skin and can recommend treatment options during your free consultation.

2.    Body Scanning Can Deliver a Precise Measurement of Before and After

At Ovation Med Spa in Houston, we use a unique 3D body scanning technology to provide you with a detailed assessment of your body contouring results. While other medical spas that offer CoolSculpting still rely on a tape measure to show you progress, we have invested in technology that captures millions of points on your body to display meaningful results. This technique not only helps compare your appearance before and after your treatment but informs us which areas will require more targeted treatment.

3.    Multiple Treatments for Increased Fat Reduction

If you decide that one session of CoolSculpting is not enough, you can continue fat reduction treatment with follow-up treatments. Each treatment will have the same level of effectiveness, allowing you to maintain your results even if you happen to gain weight after the procedure. We recommend that our patients complete 2 sessions about 30 days apart initially and then wait two to three months before having additional CoolSculpting sessions to see if they are happy with the final results of the initial treatments.

4.    Higher Rates of Fat Reduction are Possible

Ovation Medical Spa has achieved one of the highest reported rates of fat reduction by combining Z-Wave treatment with CoolSculpting. Z-Wave uses acoustic vibrations to break up fat deposits after CoolSculpting cools them. By applying Z-Wave, your body contour is smoother and fat reduction can double that of CoolSculpting alone.

5.    There is Some Discomfort During CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting uses a vacuum on the areas you want fat reduction. Though short-lived, ranging from five to fifteen minutes, there is some discomfort associated with the procedure. On par with a challenging day at the gym, your body will feel sore. You may experience a little swelling and faint bruising, but you’ll have no restrictions on activity and will be able to continue your day normally.

How to Receive a CoolSculpting Consultation from Ovation Medical Spa

At our Houston office we offer in depth consultations to all patients who are considering any of our treatments. During your consultation, we will use our 3D body scanning technology to find out the body contouring treatment that’s right for you. In just thirty seconds, we will have a detailed image of your problem areas and expert advice on the best procedures for improvement.

Call our Houston location at (713) 936-2490 to schedule your CoolSculpting consultation. Our helpful staff is ready to help you get the body you deserve.