When to Choose CoolSculpting Instead of Laser Lipo in Houston

If you are struggling with unwanted fat deposits on confined areas of your body, you are not alone. You can be dedicated to fitness and healthy eating and still have fat that won’t go away. It could cling to your midsection or your thighs. It’s so frustrating when your weight cooperates, but you still don’t have that tight body that you have always wanted. You have options in Houston to help you get positive results. Some options include CoolSculpting® and laser lipo. If you are looking for a non-invasive approach that is effective, CoolSculpting® is your best bet.

Why Choose CoolSculpting® Over Laser Lipo?

While both CoolSculpting® and laser lipo will get rid of unwanted fat, laser lipo is more invasive. An incision is required to insert a cannula into the area that you are focusing on. Then a laser is inserted into the cannula to liquefy the fat through the use of heat. This will break up the fat and mean less downtime than you would go through after traditional liposuction. However, there is still downtime. CoolSculpting® offers you another option that won’t require healing or recovery time.

Experience the CoolSculpting® Difference

CoolSculpting® offers you a solution in Houston that won’t require surgery. Cooling technology is the secret behind this non-invasive alternative. A handheld device will be placed on your skin in any area where you are struggling with excess fat. The device will cool the fat beneath the surface of your skin in order to destroy the fat cells through freezing technology. The device will not harm the rest of your tissues. It only affects the fat. Within months of your procedure, the destroyed fat cells will be eliminated naturally from your body. Basically, your figure will look its best when you get extra help from CoolSculpting® rather than laser lipo.

Find Out What CoolSculpting® Can Do for You

If you think that you could be a good candidate for CoolSculpting® in Houston, it’s time to make your appointment at Ovation Med Spa. See why so many men and women in the area are choosing CoolSculpting® over laser lipo. Contact us today to schedule a consultation at our office in Houston!