Look Younger With IPL Photorejuvenation

Light energy can be an effective skin rejuvenation tool. Sunlight can damage the skin, but controlled frequency emission from the modern laser-style instruments used in dermatology will actually kickstart a healing process. IPL photorejuvenation is becoming widely popular as a simple cosmetic treatment for a variety of facial skin conditions.

Fine wrinkles, age spots, acne and injury scars, and even regions with hyperpigmentation can be treated with IPL photorejuvenation. A series of 30-minute treatments can result in skin that is smoother, less brittle in appearance, and without regions of discoloration. Other areas of the body may take longer to treat.

Using Light Energy

The modern IPL instruments have a special set of filters that separates and blocks certain wavelengths of white light. When calibrated according to the client’s skin tone, the device emits broadband light made up of several different wavelengths. The light is delivered in short micro pulses.

This combination of frequencies results in a pixelated set of light beams that pass right through the epidermal layer without heating it up. Instead, the energy gets absorbed by darker, denser material that lies beneath. Capillaries, dense scar tissue, and age spots absorb the energy because their dark tone reflects very little light to begin with.

These problem tissues heat up when they absorb the energy. Slightly damaged, they are eventually replaced by healthier cells. Capillaries shrink, and this reduces the appearance of certain visual signs of aging.

Increase in Collagen

Mature adults don’t have as much collagen and elastin in our skin as we did when we were younger. This means more visible wrinkling and creasing of the skin. A series of IPL photorejuvenation treatments results in a stimulation of collagen production. This is an added bonus to the treatment. After a month or so following the last IPL photorejuvenation session, our clients notice improvement in skin texture and more taut skin surface. It’s like a fountain of youth has been discovered.

Get a Younger Look 

This is a very simple procedure, but we need to stress the importance of having realistic outcome expectations. At Ovation Med Spa, we know that visible signs of aging can be frustrating. That is why we offer IPL photorejuvenation at our office in Houston, TX. A personalized treatment plan can be created by our educated staff at your consultation, and any before or after care instructions will be discussed with you. Contact us today to learn more about IPL photorejuvenation and to schedule your personal consultation!