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Remove unwanted tattoos for a clean slate

At Ovation Med Spa, we are proud to offer only the most cutting-edge technology and over 40 industry-leading, FDA-approved treatment modalities, including lasers.

Decisions that were once permanent are now reversible with our advanced laser tattoo removal in Houston.

Laser tattoo Removal

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Unwanted Tattoos


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How Laser Tattoo Removal in Houston Works

Using the most highly regarded technology in the aesthetics industry, our providers at Ovation Med Spa provide a relaxed, judgement-free environment for your laser tattoo removal in Houston.

You will begin your treatment with a consultation, where one of our providers will outline your unique concerns and goals to come up with a personalized treatment plan that helps you achieve your desired results.

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Results of Laser Tattoo Removal in Houston

The number of treatments necessary will vary depending on the size, shape, and tone of the treatment area. Our providers will work with you to address your specific needs, whether that is total or partial tattoo removal.

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Laser Tattoo Removal
Laser Tattoo Removal
Laser Tattoo Removal

Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions about Laser Tattoo Removal in Houston.

How many tattoo removal sessions will I need?
The number of treatments necessary to partially or fully remove your tattoo will depend on the size, shape, and color of your tattoo. Most clients require 3 to 8 sessions for maximum removal spaced out by 6 to 8 weeks to allow the body to heal. In order to gauge the effectiveness of the treatments, we look for approximately a 20% reduction in the tattoo's overall appearance per session.
Will tattoo removal cause a scar?
While the laser tattoo removal treatment itself should not cause a scar, most people are not prepared for potential scar tissue beneath the pigment of the tattoo from when they initially got it. In the hands of a highly trained professional aesthetics provider at Ovation Med Spa, there are a number of treatment modalities to combat scarring both before and after your tattoo removal in Houston.
What if I only want to remove my tattoo partially?
Our advanced laser tattoo removal technology is versatile. If you are looking to only partially remove a tattoo in preparation to cover it up with another, we are able to customize your treatment plan.
Can you remove my tattoo completely?
It is a common misconception that all tattoos are 100% removable. Unfortunately, there are some colors and pigments that are impossible to fully remove from the skin using laser technology. Our providers will consult with you personally and offer the maximum tattoo removal service possible while remaining fully transparent about what to expect.

What makes Ovation Med Spa® unique

When it comes to offering the most advanced, clinically tested aesthetic treatments available, other medical spas in Houston simply don’t compare to Ovation Med Spa®.

That’s why we are consistently voted as one of the top medical spas in the United States by the American Med Spa Association. Come meet with one of our expertly trained aesthetic professionals and see the Ovation Med Spa® difference for yourself.