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Keep your complexion healthy

Looking for a quick, gentle, refreshing way to combat skin damage and signs of aging?

Our MOXI™ laser in Houston may be the right fit for you! Treat sun damage and keep your skin as healthy as possible for as long as possible with this rejuvenating facial laser.


Moxi Laser overview and highlights.

Treatment Type

Laser Resurfacing

MOXI treats signs of aging on the



Smoother texture
More even skin tone
Reduced sun damage



# of Treatments Needed


How Moxi Laser in Houston Works

MOXI is a gentle, non-ablative fractional laser treatment that is safe for all skin types any time of year. The state-of-the-art device heats the skin in a column shape to stimulate collagen production and treat mild instances of sun damage and uneven texture or tone.

MOXI is the perfect introduction to laser treatments for first-time patients or those looking for something gentle yet impactful. Our expert providers will work to build you a custom treatment plan that addresses your unique goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions about Moxi Laser in Houston.

How long does a MOXI laser treatment last?
A single MOXI laser treatment session typically lasts 30 minutes, depending on the treatment area.
How many MOXI treatments do I need?
Most clients experience the most impactful results after 3-4 treatment sessions spaced out by 3-4 weeks. After that, many clients return for maintenance appointments once or twice a year.
What is the recovery like for a MOXI laser treatment?
Recovery and downtime after a MOXI treatment is very minimal. Your skin might appear warm or pink immediately after your session for up to one day. In the following days, the treated skin cells will slough off, so you may notice a sandy texture or a slight roughness. After this subsides, you'll be left with brighter, smoother, fresher skin!

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