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3D Body Scanning at Ovation Med Spa

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#1 in the World

Ovation Med Spa in Houston is the first in the world to bring 3D body scanning to the aesthetic industry.

The use of this technology allows us to better illustrate the effectiveness of your body contouring treatments using before and after 3D images with computer accurate measurements to quantify results over time.

3D Body Scanning

3D Body Scanning overview and highlights.


Computer Accurate Measurements
Seeing yourself in 3D helps identify problem areas
Fast – Takes 30 Seconds
Able to see more detail than 2D photos

How 3D Body Scanning in Houston Works

During your scan, you will stand on a turntable that rotates 360 degrees in front of our 3D scanner. During this 30-second process, the scanner uses millions of data points across your body to produce a 3D image.

The automated computer system measures hundreds of areas on your body at once, to give the most accurate metric of total volume loss. We will scan you before and after any body contouring treatments you do with us so that you can see your full body results in 3D!

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STYKU Body Scanning

STYKU™ Body Scanning allows you to visualize your shape with a precise 3D model of your body. Track your progress with size measurements, body composition analysis, and hundreds of other insights—all with just a 35-second scan.

What to Expect:

Scanning is painless, and typically is done while you are wearing just your undergarments in order to get an accurate model of your body. At the appropriate time after you have completed your treatments, we will do your “after” scan and show you how your body has changed for the better in 3D.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions about 3D Body Scanning in Houston.

How often will I need a 3D body scan?
You will take a 3D body scan once at the beginning of your treatments and once at the end. We will use these two scans to measure your progress over time and evaluate your amazing results.
How do I prepare for a body contouring consultation?
The only thing you need to do to prepare for your 3d body scan is be sure to wear or bring form-fitting undergarments to your appointment. This is to ensure that your provider can get the most accurate measurements possible.
What will 3D body scanning feel like?
Because the device is rotating around you without coming in contact, you won't feel a thing during your 3D body scan. Compared to measurements taken by a tape measure or other devices, 3D body scanning is not only more accurate, but much less invasive.

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3D Body Scanning is included with all our body contouring treatments. You can request a consultation or call (713) 903-2654 to start your body contouring journey at Ovation Med Spa today!

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