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Dealing with erectile dysfunction can be discouraging, but searching for proven solutions shouldn’t be.

The P-Shot® procedure has been done for over 10 years with much success and with a significant body of medical research supporting the procedure.

Over the past 6 years, a growing body of research also supports the effectiveness and safety of injecting the penis with BOTOX.  In the latest clinical study BOTOX injections showed effectiveness up to 6 months with maximal effect at 6 weeks.

The Bocox™ and P-Shot 100™ Procedures

Treatment Type

Men’s Sexual Wellness

What The Bocox™ and P-Shot 100™ Procedures Treat

Erectile dysfunction


Improved sexual function
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HowThe Bocox™ and P-Shot 100™ Procedures in Houston Works

Every treatment starts with a consultation with one of our expert providers. Our highly trained team will meet with you to learn more about your specific concerns and help you build a custom treatment plan.

Erectile dysfunction is often a result of changes in the blood vessels or decreased function in the muscles and nerves around the penis. The mechanism of action of BOTOX in the penis seems to be partly due to the relaxation of the smooth muscle of the arterioles, resulting in increased blood flow (and even in a small increase in length in one study). This increase in erection firmness by increasing arterial flow is exactly how Viagra works. In two separate studies, the injection of BOTOX was helpful to some men (not all) for whom Viagra and Cialis had quit working.

The P-Shot 100™ procedure is a specific method of injecting blood-derived growth factors, including platelet-rich plasma  and botulinum neurotoxin, to improve the health of the penis and enhance the size or function of the penis.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions about Bocox™  and P-Shot 100™ in Houston.

Does Bocox™ or the P-Shot 100™ hurt?
The treatment is administered after an injection of lidocaine. Aside from the initial input, there should be no other discomfort.
How long does a Bocox™ or P-Shot 100™ treatment take?
A treatment typically takes about 30 minutes.
What is the Difference between Bocox™ and P-Shot 100™
When Botox alone is injected into the penis, it is the Bocox ™ (BoPriapus™) procedure. When Botox and PRP (P-Shot) are used together it is the P-Shot 100™ procedure.
How long before I will experience the results of my Bocox™ or P-Shot 100™ treatment?
Many men experience the full results of their Bocox™ or P-Shot 100™ treatment 6 weeks after their injection, with results lasting 6 months but this time will vary from patient to patient.

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