Skin Care for Men in Houston

Skin Care For Men

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Specialty Care for Men In Houston

Whether you’re returning to the dating pool, chasing a professional opportunity, or just want to look as great as you feel, our skin care line for men provides custom solutions.

At Ovation Med Spa®, we use only top-of-the-line technology that turns our standards into industry standards, and our modalities for men’s skin care treatments in Houston are no exception. Meet with our highly trained team today to learn what Ovation can do for your skin.

Skin Care for Men

Skin Care for Men overview and highlights.

Treatment Type

Specialty Services

What Skin Care for Men Can Treat

Fine lines & wrinkles
Scars & hyperpigmentation
Skin texture
Sun damage
Enlarged pores
Skin laxity & sagging


Tailored approach
Custom treatment plan
No lengthy recovery



# of Treatments Needed


Get Your Journey Started

All of our men’s skincare treatments start with a consultation with one of our providers.

Here, we will outline your goals and build a custom treatment plan, including an in-depth skin assessment. We will use these results to recommend specific treatments that address your concerns.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions about Men’s Skin Care in Houston.

What makes men's skin care different from women's?
While most aesthetic treatments are available for both men and women, our specialty men's skin care protocol is designed with specific goals in mind: ease, efficiency, and efficacy. Our treatment plans for men’s skin care in Houston are curated with your individual goals in mind, so we address your concerns while considering your other factors like time, recovery, money, and more.
What can I expect from my consultation?
Our men's skin care consultations will include a skin assessment. The treatment provider uses close magnification resolution so that you can both see specific concerns to address. Your provider will also ask questions about your habits and lifestyle, which could also affect your skin's health and appearance.
What is recovery like for men's skin care treatments?
Recovery times will vary depending on which treatments are recommended to you after your consultation. They can range from a few hours to a few weeks. If recovery time is especially important to you, our highly trained providers will select your protocol with this in mind.
Which men's skin care treatments are right for me?
To learn more about which men's skin care treatments would best fit your goals, try our virtual consultation tool or request a consultation with one of our skilled providers.

Meet Ovation Med Spa®

If you’re searching for skin care for men in Houston, Ovation Med Spa® sets itself apart by offering the widest range of treatments using the most advanced technology available.

Having been voted the Top Med Spa in Middle America for 5 consecutive years by Aesthetic Everything magazine, we offer customized treatments performed by specialists who undergo some of the most rigorous training in the country.