Emface in Houston

Full Facial Rejuvenation

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Emface in Houston

Emface is a revolutionary treatment that offers multiple benefits to create a stunning, youthful-looking face—all without any needles!

This quick, non-invasive procedure replaces lost volume in the face and tightens sagging skin. Best of all; there’s absolutely no downtime associated with Emface! It’s so quick and easy, you can get treatment over your lunch break and get on with the rest of your day.


Emface overview and highlights.

Treatment Type

Skin tightening, collagen induction

What Emface Treats

Lost volume in the face
Sagging skin
Sagging brow
Undefined jawline


Quick treatment time
Rapid results
No downtime!

Complementary Treatments



# of Treatments Needed

Varies. Typically we recommend 3 to 4 treatments for optimal results!

How Emface in Houston Works

This cutting-edge skin tightening treatment works by utilizing both Synchronized RF and HIFESTM energies.

These two energies work together to enhance the muscles in your face and increase collagen under the skin, resulting in an overall more youthful appearance in the face!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions about Emface in Houston.

What does Emface feel like?
Not only does Emface treatment not hurt, many patients report that they even find it relaxing! You can lay back and let the Emface paddles massage your face during your treatment. You may feel slight muscle contractions or a tingling sensation.
How long is one treatment session?
Each Emface treatment session in only takes 20 minutes!
Should I get dermal fillers or Emface?
That's one of the best parts, you don't have to choose! You can enjoy the benefits of dermal fillers and Emface. Your experienced Ovation provider will help identify the most beneficial treatment plan for your desired results. 

What earns us a standing ovation

Ovation Med Spa is set apart by our commitment to personalized care and state-of-the-art technology.

We are industry leaders in technique and treatment protocol alike, so each client experience is curated for their individual needs and desired results. That’s why we are consistently voted the Top Med Spa in Middle America by Aesthetic Everything magazine.