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Get lasting hair removal results like nothing else

Say goodbye to shaving, plucking, and waxing!

Our advanced Lumenis SPLENDOR X system is the first of its kind, and our skilled aestheticians are well-equipped to bring you lasting hair removal results.

Laser Hair Removal in Houston

Laser Hair Removal overview and highlights.

Treatment Type

Laser Services

Laser hair removal treats unwanted body hair on the:

Bikini line
Buttocks area


Semi-permanent hair removal
Softer skin
Thinner body hair

Complementary Treatments

Stretch Mark Reduction
EmSculpt NEO



# of Treatments Needed

6-8 (but may vary)

How Laser Hair Removal in Houston Works

A laser hair removal treatment comprises 3 unique steps.

First, the laser targets a hair follicle in your desired treatment area. Second, the hair follicle absorbs the heat from the laser, destroying the surrounding cells. Last, the laser eliminates the hair. After repeating this process over a series of 6-8 treatments, the hair should stop growing back.

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About the Lumenis SPLENDOR X Device

We invested in the Lumenis SPLENDOR X device to bring our clients greater speed, efficacy, safety, and satisfaction from laser hair removal in Houston.

This technology uses dual wavelength treatments, which provides results in 75% less time than other popular systems. The Lumenis laser also features a larger, 24mm spot size that delivers results quicker and more comfortably.

For additional client comfort, our laser features a patented, Dynamic Cooling Device that delivers a cooling burst just milliseconds before the heated laser pulse.

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Before & After

Results of Laser Hair Removal in Houston

Laser hair removal results may vary depending on skin type, hair texture, and treatment locations. Our laser is safe for all skin types our highly trained aestheticians will help you build a custom treatment plan that achieves your desired results.

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Laser Hair Removal
Laser Hair Removal
Laser Hair Removal

Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions about Laser Hair Removal in Houston.

Where can I get laser hair removal?
You can receive laser hair removal treatment anywhere you have unwanted hair. Most common treatment areas: Legs Underarms Bikini line Buttocks area Back Chest Shoulders
Does laser hair removal hurt?
At Ovation Med Spa®, we invest in the most advanced technology to bring our clients the most impactful results and the most comfortable experience. Our Lumenis SPLENDOR X laser used for laser hair removal features a larger, 24mm spot size that eliminates the need for numbing gels and creams. Our laser is a dual wavelength treatment, which decreases the length of the treatment by up to 75% compared to other popular devices. We also utilize a patented Dynamic Cooling Device that delivers a cooling burst just milliseconds before the heated laser pulse.
How do I prepare for my laser hair removal appointment?
Before your laser hair removal treatment, your provider will send you specific pre-care instructions. During your treatment series, it's important to avoid: Shaving, 12-24 prior Waxing, plucking, tweezing, bleaching, and using hair removal creams Sun exposure, self-tanner, and tanning beds for 1-3 weeks prior Accutane or other oral acne medications 6 months prior Using a proper SPF both before and after your treatments is an easy way to protect your skin from damage and maintain your laser hair removal results.
How long does it take to see laser hair removal results?
Laser hair removal treatment series include 6-8 treatments for most clients. Following this protocol can reduce hair re-growth by 75-90%. Most clients notice slower or thinner hair regrowth after 3-4 treatments, although this may vary depending on the treatment area.
When is the best time of year to get laser hair removal?
Many aesthetic professionals refer to the winter season as "laser season." The months leading up to summer are often the most popular time of year for laser treatments that prep the skin for summer fun. Colder months are also a time of limited sun exposure, which is important for healing after any laser treatment. While fall and winter are the opportune time to begin a series of laser treatments, clients at Ovation Med Spa® are not limited as to when they can begin their journey to smooth, hairless skin. Schedule a consultation now to meet with one of our trained providers and come up with a treatment plan that fits into your timeline.

What makes Ovation Med Spa® unique

When it comes to offering the most advanced, clinically tested aesthetic treatments available, other medical spas in Houston simply don’t compare to Ovation Med Spa®.

That’s why we are consistently voted as one of the top medical spas in the United States by the American Med Spa Association. Come meet with one of our expertly trained aesthetic professionals and see the Ovation Med Spa® difference for yourself.