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Gentle treatment for impactful results

Are you struggling to slim down some areas despite a healthy diet and consistent exercise?

While they both play an important role in losing weight, many people find that they may need to take an extra step to achieve their desired contouring results.

Ballancer®PRO is a state-of-the-art body sculpting treatment that can be your next step on your journey to the slimmer, trimmer figure of your dreams.

Ballancer Pro

Ballancer Pro overview and highlights.

Treatment Type

Body Contouring

What Ballancer Pro Treats

Fluid retention
Enhances results from other treatments


Non-invasive treatment
Natural results
Comfortable, relaxing experience

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How Ballancer Pro in Houston Works

The Ballancer Pro can help sculpt your ideal figure by stimulating the lymphatic system.

This advanced device uses a wave-like, gentle, and relaxing massage technique to help flush certain fluids and toxins from the body. In increasing natural circulation within the lymphatic system, this treatment promotes fast, natural weight loss and firmer, healthier skin.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions about Ballancer Pro in Houston.

Who is an ideal candidate for Ballancer Pro in Houston?
Anyone looking to sculpt certain parts of their figure may consider the Ballancer Pro body contouring experience. Additionally, this system can reduce fluid retention and swelling for people who previously received a liposuction procedure.
How do I know how many Ballancer Pro treatment sessions I need?
The number of treatments necessary to achieve your desired results will vary from patient to patient. if you're ready to begin your journey to a slimmer figure, schedule a consultation with one of our highly trained providers to learn more about Ballancer Pro and build a custom treatment plan.
Does the Ballancer Pro treatment hurt?
No. The Ballancer Pro device is one of our most comfortable, relaxing body contouring treatment options. During your session, the device uses a massage-like technique to help drain the lymphatic system in and around your treatment area.

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Ovation Med Spa is set apart by our commitment to personalized care and state-of-the-art technology.

We are industry leaders in technique and treatment protocol alike, so each client experience is curated for their individual needs and desired results. That’s why we are consistently voted the Top Med Spa in Middle America by Aesthetic Everything magazine.