z-wave in Houston

Smoothing With Acoustic Energy

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This device has earned it’s nickname: the “fat cracker”

Our advanced Z-Wave device is the perfect complement to any of our body contouring treatments at Ovation Med Spa.

Using acoustic shockwave energy, this treatment infiltrates fatty tissue to diminish unevenness in texture and tone. Achieve a smooth, sculpted figure by combining your body contouring treatments with Z-Wave in Houston.


Z-Wave overview and highlights.

Treatment Type

Body Contouring

What CoolSculpting Treats

Unwanted body fat


No discomfort
Fast results
Zero downtime



# of Treatments Needed


How Z-Wave in Houston Works

Using acoustic waves, the energy from the device is sent into the fatty tissue in the desired area. The gentle treatment delivers enough energy to breakdown the fibrous “dimpling” that disrupts the skin contour. This helps overall texture and skin quality.

Z-Wave in Houston can be used as a standalone treatment to improve cellulite, but it most effective when combined with other body contouring treatments.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions about Z-Wave in Houston.

Does Z-Wave hurt?
You should not experience any discomfort during your Z-Wave treatment. While the device emits a sounds similar to a woodpecker, it should feel like a gentle vibration or massage.
What areas of the body can Z-Wave treat?
Our advanced Z-Wave device can treat any area of the body, making it the perfect complement to any body contouring treatment.
What can I expect after my Z-Wave treatments?
There may be slight redness or swelling in the treatment area immediately after your session, but it should subside after just a few hours. 

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