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Increasing Muscle and Decreasing Fat in Houston

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Muscle Tone

Muscle is muscle. You can only increase or decrease how much of it you have, or increase or decrease how much body fat is covering it. Getting “toned” is all about building enough muscle and losing enough body fat so the muscle you’ve built is sufficiently visible.

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As you age, your muscles will lose mass and strength. This process is completely natural but it doesn’t have to happen overnight!  The rate at which this happens varies depending on an individual’s lifestyle; those who are more active can expect to have less deterioration than sedentary people. This loss isn’t just about having sagging skin or flabby arms: Losing our muscle means our body shape can become less athletic and make it more difficult to do physical activity.

Causes of Decreased Muscle Tone


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How We Treat Decreased Muscle Tone


EmSculpt NEO

Emsculpt’s NEO treatment is the only FDA-cleared way to build muscles and burn fat simultaneously. Science shows that on average, people who have received this body shaping treatment increased their muscle mass by 25% while decreasing stubborn fat by 30%. This sets it apart from all other methods out there because in addition to being painless with no downtime required; sessions to threat the Abdomen, Buttocks, arms or legs last just thirty minutes!

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Ovation Med Spa in Houston was the first in the country to offer Emsculpt and was involved in the initial clinical studies. No one knows more about toning your body with EmSculpt than we do!  Get tight and toned  by giving us a call today!

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