4 Tips To Optimize Your Nonsurgical Body Contouring Results

Procedures such as CoolSculpting® that target stubborn pockets of fat have been game-changers for men and women who want to eliminate bulges without surgery. Whether you choose to melt, freeze, or dissolve unwanted fat with a nonsurgical body contouring procedure at our Houston med spa, you can maximize the results after the treatment with a few easy steps.

1.     Drink More Water

Being well hydrated is essential to getting the most out of a nonsurgical fat reduction treatment. Nonsurgical body sculpting procedures that destroy fat cells all work by naturally flushing the dead cells from the body through the lymphatic system. Staying hydrated before and after the treatment helps expel the fat cells faster. Ideally, drinking plenty of water each day becomes an ongoing habit.

2.     Amp Up Your Exercise

Doubling down on your workouts is a good idea a couple of days after an initial body contouring procedure and before your next one. Rest for a day or two after your treatment, and then hit the gym with the idea of maximizing your efforts to contour your body and build muscle.

3.     Avoid Salty Foods

Salt and alcohol contribute to swelling and bloating. After a nonsurgical body contouring treatment, such as EMSCULPT® Neo or CoolSculpting Elite®, cut back on salt (which is a good habit for most people to develop anyway). Reducing salt intake is helpful because the body is in a short-term inflammatory condition, and a salty diet undermines your hydration efforts. Eating more citrus fruits and berries rich in vitamin C enhances the function of the lymphatic system to help clear the body of toxins.

4.     Massage the Treatment Area

Immediately after treatments such as CoolSculpting, the body starts breaking down the destroyed fat cells. It filters dead fat cells through the lymphatic system to the liver and kidneys, ultimately eliminating them as waste. Lymphatic massage involving light pressure increases blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. You can perform these massages yourself at home without lying on a table. You can also ask about Ballancer® PRO treatments, which stimulate the lymphatic system using a gentle massaging technique.

Using these tips may help you see more pronounced results following your body sculpting treatments in Houston. Ovation Med Spa offers multiple nonsurgical body contouring options so that our patients have a choice. And we can demonstrate the effectiveness of these procedures as the first med spa in the world to use 3D body scanning in an aesthetic practice.

To maintain your body contouring results, adopt healthy habits that include regular exercise and a nutrition-rich diet. If you want to learn about the nonsurgical body contouring treatments at Ovation Med Spa, use the online form to [consultation]request a consultation[/consultation] or call us at [phone] to schedule an appointment.