The Real Value of a Deep Facial Cleaning in Houston

“Cleansing your face” is a loaded concept. With so many products and procedures out there, how do you know what’s the right way?

At Ovation Med Spa, we’re changing the way people think about deep facial cleaning in Houston. Instead of adding miracle creams, or recommending quick fixes, we start by getting rid of what’s holding back your natural beauty through clinical techniques and expertise. This allows us to remove your old, dead skin cells and rejuvenate the living skin underneath!

While we keep our treatments comfortable, our clinical treatments dig deep to bring out the best results possible. So when you book your appointment, you’re in for a lot more than your typical spa treatment.

More than just a facial

As you talk to our specialists, you’ll quickly find that there’s more to your skin than meets the eye. Just as there are many different skin types and conditions, there are many ways we can plan your deep facial cleaning in Houston. At Ovation, we carry more cutting-edge treatments than most med spas. That means your treatment plan can be as unique as you are.

Your options at Ovation

At Ovation we can mix and match treatments to suit any condition and meet every goal. Here are the top three treatments we can use for your deep facial cleaning in Houston.  

3. DiamondGlow

These facials use a unique diamond tip to both clean and exfoliate the skin down to the pores. Our highly trained providers will choose the additional serums to nourish your skin and help you achieve your desired results following your DiamondGlow treatment. 

Each treatment takes less than an hour and requires no downtime. We typically plan your entire DiamondGlow treatment for 3 separate appointments to allow your skin to recover and use the optimal techniques for each appointment.

2. HydraFacial,

This option for deep facial cleansing in Houston uses medical-grade exfoliation and customizable anti-aging serums to combat acne, improve fine lines, increase firmness, and even skin tone and texture.

The entire process uses 4 steps to take out the bad and replace it with nourishing ingredients designed to give you the glowing skin you’re looking for. We start by using the HydraFacial wand to gently cleanse and exfoliate your skin. 

We then change the tip of the wand to deliver a light and gentle chemical peel. This step in your Hydrafacial includes a mix of salicylic and glycolic acid to remove any dead cells and debris buried deep within your face. 

To clean and prep for the final step, we use a specialty vortex suction tool to extract any impurities and leftover chemicals. To finish your HydraFacial we apply topical hydration boosters based on your needs and preferences.

As this treatment uses a highly specialized process, it takes a bit more time than your average deep facial cleansing in Houston. But with minimal downtime and aftercare, you’ll be ready to jump right back into the daily hustle.

1. Chemical Peels/VIPeel

At Ovation we use two types of exfoliation to deeply cleanse and replenish your skin. Physical exfoliation is highly effective but is often more abrasive. Chemical exfoliation is a safer, gentler, and often more effective approach to achieving radiant, glowing skin.

Ovation Medspa enzyme peel

We start with a clinical-grade cleanse. Then follow up by applying the preferred chemical peel you’ll select with our provider in your consultation. We finish up this deep facial cleaning in Houston with a refreshing rinse and give you instructions on how to maintain the best results following your peel.

Pairs Well With

When you go out to eat, you don’t just get the main course. So treating yourself at Ovation should be no different. Every cleansing technique we use is great on its own. But to achieve even better results, we pair your deep facial cleaning in Houston with additional treatments. Here are a few of our common recommendations.

Neck/chest cleansing

You may not think about it at first, but your neck and chest are just as visible as your face. Our providers are happy to add an additional neck or chest portion for any of the services mentioned previously. Just as with any deep facial cleaning in Houston, it may require setting up an additional appointment. But with the same minimal downtime as your facially focused treatments.

BBL resurfacing

To give you the silkiest, smoothest skin possible, we use high-intensity broad spectrum light. Your BBL treatment stimulates new collagen production and breaks up the bundles of melanin that produce dark spots and redness. We have three options to customize your deep facial cleaning in Houston even further.


We use Dermaplaning to remove dead skin, impurities, peach fuzz, and superficial texture. This technique also triggers the body’s natural healing process and stimulates collagen production for firmer, brighter skin. 

This is a popular addition before or after your deep facial cleansing in Houston. No matter what skin type, condition, or concern, our team is happy to help with the perfect pairings and the right plan for you.

Why you need to cleanse

Your skin is a lot like your teeth. Sure you brush twice a day, floss regularly, and always use mouthwash, but you still should see your dentist for regular cleanings and checkups! Your skin deserves the same treatment. The only difference between our work and your trusted DDS is the maintenance involved with your skin.

Maintain your results

To maintain the health of your skin, we can regularly schedule your deep facial cleaning in Houston. This helps to maintain the health of your skin so you’re at your healthiest in all four seasons. Texas gets all four seasons, so we’re always happy to switch up your treatment plan to give you what you need to prep for all of them! To keep costs low and maintain your natural beauty, Ovation has 4 memberships to give you the treatments you need.

Members Only Perks

At Ovation, we offer more than just deep facial cleaning in Houston. So when you decide to invest in your health, you’re investing in your quality of life. This is your invitation to reach the level of beauty and wellness you deserve.

Forever Young Silver

With Our Forever Young Silver monthly membership, you get your choice of a facial BBL treatment, SkinPen microneedling treatment, or a VI clinical peel. You also get special pricing on regularly-priced skincare and skin rejuvenation treatments. Our least expensive option gives you the best deep facial cleaning in Houston, at a price that maintains your budget.

Forever Young Gold Plan

Our Forever Young Gold membership steps things up a notch with even more options. With this plan, you can choose between a Signature HydraFacial, a Diamond Glow facial, medium area laser hair removal, or our SkinBetter chemical peel

We also step up the deals on regularly-priced skincare products, and skin rejuvenation treatments You can even add your Neck/Chest area to your monthly treatment for an additional fee. The flexibility and value make this one of our most popular memberships. But we don’t stop there!

Forever Young Platinum

When you’re ready to get serious about investing in your total health and beauty, this is your go-to monthly membership. With this plan you can choose from any of the treatments included in the gold membership, and even more! To see the full list of treatments included, check out our memberships page.

In addition to amazing deals on our skincare products and rejuvenation treatments, you’re also able to add your neck and chest area to your monthly treatment as well. You also get VIP toxin pricing to save big on every unit of Botox and Dysport! This is the ultimate investment in your beauty. But when you want to make a great investment in your health, we have a membership for that!

Forever Young IV Therapy

This monthly membership plan takes your overall health to the next level with your choice of 2 nutrient-rich treatments every month! You can choose between the Signature IV or our Lipo B Shot. You can even upgrade to a Specialty or Regenerative IV with a small increase in price. This membership also includes deals on additional IV Drips and boosters.

Invest in yourself!

All of our monthly memberships make your best investment easy, and affordable. By scheduling regular deep facial cleanings in Houston, you’re making a wise investment for your life. So what are you waiting for? 

Talk to our specialists with an in-person consultation. Or see what could be with our treatment planning tool   from the comfort of your couch. We’re excited to show you why our results get standing ovations!