Laser Hair Removal For Men

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From overgrown facial hair to back and neck hair, managing your appearance can be a time-consuming and uncomfortable challenge. You may already be spending money on and enduring shaving, plucking, waxing, or chemicals. There’s no end in sight, and often, there’s no great improvement.

Laser hair removal offers men an opportunity to effectively remove unwanted body hair.* Ovation Med Spa® specializes in this type of treatment, and we support our clients in a way that makes the entire process more comfortable.

The Hard Questions about Laser Hair Removal for Men

Hundreds of men visit Ovation Med Spa® each year for treatment and tell us they are extremely happy they did. We help them be done with the painful and awkward process of hair removal once and for all.

Still, many other men don’t seek out a long-lasting solution because they’re not comfortable taking the first step to a resolution. That’s why we’ve answered a few common questions here.

Is laser hair removal for men effective and long-lasting?

Yes. Ovation Med Spa® uses the Lumenis SLENDOR X laser system, an advanced dual-wavelength device. The device delivers energy to hair follicles to destroy their surrounding cells. With multiple treatments, this hair should not grow back. Clients typically see a significant reduction of 75-90%.

I have really thick hair. Will laser hair removal still work?

The laser hair removal system we offer men works for all hair types, body locations, and skin types.

How long will it take to get laser hair removal?

Men need between six and eight sessions to reduce the number of re-growing hairs. Lumenis SLENDOR X can actually lessen the number of treatments compared to a normal laser.

Our technology also shortens the visit time significantly. The length of time each removal session takes depends on the number and type of areas we treat as well as your skin and hair type. For comparison, while other lasers may take 40 minutes to complete a chest, the Lumenis SLENDOR X can do it in 15 minutes.

Will laser hair removal work on (name a body part)?

Yes. If having hair in an area of your body bothers you, Ovation Med Spa® can use laser hair treatment to remove it.

Some men feel uncomfortable asking about treatment for their back, neck, buttocks, or around the groin. Our treatment providers are discrete and professional. We have performed laser hair removal extensively for both men and women, and our goal is yours: helping you look and feel the way you want.

What are the common body areas for laser hair removal for men?

We treat every part of the body and can provide pricing specific to your needs. Feel free to review our price list for a better sense of what clients choose and pay.

Will others notice that I’ve had the treatment?

People will see that you have significantly less hair in the area than before. You should also have less irritation from razors (for example, if you are treating the area around your neck and are prone to razor burn).

Because treatments take place over several weeks, the process is gradual. Unless you tell people, they shouldn’t know that you have had laser hair removal to get these results.

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What to Expect with Laser Hair Removal for Men

Clients come in for a consultation, during which time we discuss questions like those above and conduct an examination to define a treatment plan. Your treatment provider can talk with you about the technology, timeline, and expected outcomes.

Most of the men we treat say laser hair removal is tolerable. The Lumenis SLENDOR X prepares the skin with a cooling burst almost simultaneously with the laser pulse. There is some discomfort as the laser is applied—similar to a rubber band snapping against your skin—but the Lumenis SLENDOR X significantly reduces this sensation.

By the end of your treatment, the area should be significantly smoother, and you should be done with other hair removal measures. Say goodbye to razor, trimmers, scissors, and waxing, and start enjoying your new appearance.

*Individual results and experience may vary.

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