What Makes the O-Shot So Effective?

The O-Shot® is an effective treatment for women to relieve the symptoms of urinary incontinence and resolve issues related to sexual dysfunction. In the past, the options available for women suffering from sexual dysfunction were extremely slim. This shot has completely changed the options currently available for women. The procedure is simple, fast and can completely revive the woman’s sex life. The shot improves the intensity and ease of the orgasm, sensitivity levels, lubrication issues and urinary incontinence. Unfortunately, the aging process can result in sexual dysfunction. The most common symptoms can be devastating and include painful sex, a significant decrease in desire and a significant drop in sexual function. Some type of sexual dysfunction is experienced by approximately fifty percent of all women.

This decrease often causes undesirable changes in relationships and places an additional strain on intimacy. When both partners are experiencing the same or similar issues, the result is often low self-esteem or depression. A lot of women have found a solution with platelet-rich plasma (PRP). The PRP is obtained from the blood of the individual. This means there are no side effects from the injection. The procedure is fast, simple and does not require surgery. Every woman has growth factors in her body. These factors are used to stimulate the rejuvenation of the clitoris and vagina, activate the system responsible for orgasms and help stop urinary leakage and sexual dysfunction. The procedure is performed in the comfort of our office to rejuvenate the health of the genitalia, enhance the sex life, boost sexual arousal and increase self-confidence.

This procedure is an excellent option for any women struggling with less arousal during orgasm, painful sex, urinary incontinence and dyspareunia. The shot is injected by a trained professional using specialized techniques. The shot is given into specific areas of the genitalia in a quick and skillful manner. The majority of women see results after just one procedure. Some women continue to have the treatment as necessary after the first injection. There is no set downtime. The woman can resume her regular daily routine after the procedure.

The results will vary between women. They are based on the hormonal status, age and physiological, anatomical and individual circumstances of each woman. Some women choose to have other procedures in addition to the O-Shot® to improve vaginal looseness and laxity as well. Although the outcome and experience of every woman is slightly different, the majority of women have stated that they received the following benefits from the treatment.

• A decrease in urinary incontinence. These results were often substantial.
• Healthier and younger skin on the majora, labia minora and vaginal lips.
• An increased sexual desire and libido during intercourse.
• Women with dyspareunia were able to have sex without pain.
• The natural lubrication in the vagina increased.
• A greater intensity of arousal triggered by clitoral stimulation.
• Achieved orgasm for frequently.
• Tighter vaginal walls.
• The return of the ability to orgasm vaginally after childbirth.
• More youthful and stronger orgasms.

These benefits are due to the essential growth factors contained in the platelet-rich plasma. This is derived from the smallest of cells within the blood of the woman. The platelets are first separated from the blood, then concentrated and activated. This results in the effective release of a minimum of seven different factors to achieve natural growth. These growth factors are responsible for the stimulation and awakening of the stem cells. More youthful tissue is grown by these cells to activate the natural stem cells within the vaginal area. This treatment is about a lot more than just the injection of the platelet-rich plasma into the vaginal tissues. This treatment is extremely precise, revitalizes the woman and enhances vascularization. Numerous women have experienced the benefits on the same day they had the procedure.

The tissue rejuvenation is effectively triggered by the special growth factors. This rejuvenates the sexual structure without the need for surgery. The personal growth factors of the woman are used to increase the sensation in the vagina and clitoris to enhance the intensity of the orgasm. The majority of women who have received this injection have experienced some kind of improvement in their sexual response. Some women have stated the improvement was extraordinary. This is an exceptional option for any woman struggling with a decrease in arousal, poor quality orgasms, dyspareunia, painful sex and urinary incontinence. It is important to note that there have not been any adverse reactions or side effects reported. This is because the growth factors injected into the woman were derived from her own blood.

The Effectiveness of the O-Shot®

The origin of the O-Shot® began with research conducted for entirely different fields including cardiology, neurosurgery and orthopedic surgery. The injection of platelet-rich plasma back into the body resulted in the growth of new tissue and the multiplication of the stem cells. This was caused by the release of the growth factors contained in the PRP. The result was a regeneration of the facial skin, blood vessels, tendons, nerves and ligaments. This was when the discovery was made that the tissue in the vagina could be restored to health using platelet-rich plasma. The stem cells had the capability of growing healthier tissue. This is a scientific approach to stimulating both the blood supply and the tissues as opposed to many of the ineffective procedures currently available.

It is important to understand that the procedure by itself will not result in a phenomenal sexual experience. Additional factors are necessary such as good overall health, hormonal balance, a calm state of mind and a loving and caring relationship. This is the reason a hormonal consultation is recommended to explore and evaluate the best possible way to address the system responsible for orgasms. It is also important to understand hormonal optimization is just as important for men as it is for women.

Out of every three women, one is having difficulties with sexual stimulation. When women of middle-age and above are considered separately, this number increases significantly. These statistics are most likely low because so many young women struggling with sexual stimulation issues do not report these problems due to psychological stress. The women who do not come forward due to shame are also not included in the current statistics. The problem is even worse because this issue is unable to be diagnosed using blood tests. A good example would be if there were no way to diagnose high blood pressure. This would result in a sharp increase in the number of heart attacks. Unfortunately, numerous women believe a decreased enjoyment in sexual activities is normal.

The result is a large number of women remain silent about their condition. The number of females struggling with stimulation during sex has been estimated by numerous medical professionals at sixty to seventy percent. This can have a negative impact on not only the women, but their families as well. Research has shown that the number of women who talk to a professional about sex is below fourteen percent. A lot of professionals do not discuss the subject because they are afraid the discussion will be misinterpreted as inappropriate. Both the providers and the patients are often too embarrassed to bring up the subject. The subject has been labeled with derogatory words and women have been told they are imagining the issue or the problem is psychological. The majority received synthetic hormones or drugs for anxiety.

There have been women noticing results from the injection the same day. The majority of women need multiple weeks for the regeneration to become noticeable. Every woman rejuvenates at a different rate. Women receiving the treatment for sexual dysfunction have achieved better orgasms. These women have reported achieving regular orgasms, more intense orgasms and multiple orgasms.

Women suffering from specific symptoms may also see benefits from this procedure. Some of these symptoms include:

• Difficulty becoming aroused
• Painful sex
• Low sexual desire
• Vaginal dryness
• Difficulty achieving orgasm

Women suffering from urinary incontinence also saw an improvement. This condition causes leakage when coughing, laughing, jumping or not urinating quickly enough. The majority of cases involving urinary incontinence have been resolved with this procedure.

The Benefits of the O-Shot®

This procedure offers a wide range of benefits, including:

• Surgery is not required.
• The improvement in sexual relations, often on the same day as the treatment.
• Nearly instant results.
• The treatment is drug-free.
• Increased desire and sensitivity.
• An improvement in pain caused by mesh.
• Healthier and better sex.
• Tighter vaginal skin.
• Urinary incontinence is resolved in most cases.
• The process is simple and fast.

Although many women have seen an immediate increase in both pleasure and sexual desire, optimal results generally require weeks to months. The procedure was developed to provide women with help regarding their sexual function. Medical professionals discovered that the treatment also increased sexual response, helped with orgasms and provided rejuvenation for the vaginal area. This led to the discovery that the procedure was also effective regarding urinary incontinence. What was originally an amazing side effect became the reason many women began seeking this treatment. Women of almost every age have received help with urinary incontinence and improved their lifestyles.

Injections using platelet-rich plasma into specific areas of the female genitalia can regenerate tissues necessary for better overall sensation and health, decrease the pain and symptoms of menopause and eliminate or decrease urinary incontinence. The O-Shot® is effective for female sexual arousal disorder. This is when the woman desires sex, but is unable to become aroused or achieve pleasure. One in every twenty women are affected by this disorder. An improvement in sex provides better overall health, decreases depression, improves confidence, enhances creativity and increases energy.

Another condition treated with this procedure is dyspareunia. This condition causes pain during sex. Although the woman is capable of achieving arousal, orgasms are extremely difficult to attain. Many women will avoid sex due to the frustration involved. This treatment is capable of resolving a wide variety of both common and uncommon issues.

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