Advantages of Having a Vampire Facial in Houston

With the beauty industry evolving by leaps and bounds, innovative cosmetic solutions and skin rejuvenating procedures are being developed continuously. And a vampire facial is the newest kid on the block. The procedure involves taking the patient’s blood, extracting the plasma in a centrifuge, and using the platelets and other growth factors from the plasma on the face along with other techniques, such as micro-needling. This procedure has a wide range of advantages, which is partly why it is swiftly becoming popular. Some benefits of undergoing a vampire facial in Houston are discussed below.

It’s a more natural option than other solutions

Before the advent of the vampire facial in Houston, cosmetic procedures for giving a facelift primarily involved harsh techniques. There’s no denying that Botox is as synthetic as it gets. And with increasing concerns about people wanting to live a more organic lifestyle, it makes sense that a vampire facial is fast becoming the most preferred method of cosmetic face-lifting, because it uses the patient’s own blood to rejuvenate the skin.

Having a vampire facial leaves little room for allergies

The greatest thing that vampire facials have going for them is that they make use of natural ingredients from the candidate’s own body. Naturally, this greatly minimizes any chance of allergic reactions because it’s practically unlikely that someone is allergic to their own blood and plasma. This also reduces the costs and resources associated with allergy testing.

Vampire facials show remarkable results

Several people who have undergone this facial treatment have reported that the positive effects of the procedure, like improved skin clarity and volume, were visible just days after the facial. The skin visibly glows after the procedure, and once the effects set in, people find that the skin looks younger and fresher.

The procedure involves little to no discomfort

This is especially the case when compared with other cosmetic procedures and surgeries, which have been reported as quite invasive and uncomfortable.

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