Can I Benefit from Fillers in Houston?

Many Houston area residents are turning to fillers to increase facial volume and minimize skin aging. Fillers are a class of injectables that have been approved by the FDA for reducing the appearance of wrinkles on the face and promoting fullness of the lips. Each type is different and able to treat different parts of the body and different skin conditions.

A Note About Skin Aging

Before looking deeper into fillers, it may be helpful to understand why skin ages in the first place. Besides factors like genetics and lifestyle choices, a gradual depletion of naturally-occurring substances is one of the main reasons why your skin can age prematurely.

Collagen is one of these naturally-occurring substances that your body produces to create structure and promote facial volume. As you grow older, collagen can become depleted, which reduces facial volume and tends to lead to the development of fine lines and wrinkles.

Another naturally-occurring substance produced by your own body is hyaluronic acid. This important substance possesses the unique quality of attracting and binding water molecules inside of your skin. Like collagen, hyaluronic acid becomes gradually depleted by the aging process.

How Fillers Can Help

Mature Houston patients who are dealing with fine lines and wrinkles and/or a loss of facial volume can benefit from fillers. Having a hyaluronic acid filler treatment is a great way to restore your proper hyaluronic acid levels. The loss of this important substance leads to skin that gradually becomes drier, thinner, and develops lines and wrinkles. By injecting your face with a hyaluronic acid filler, we can help reverse this process, leading to skin that is more hydrated and radiant.

What About the Results?

One of the most gratifying aspects of having a filler injection is that your results will be immediate. You should notice an instant improvement in skin thickness and reduction of wrinkles after your treatment at our office in Houston. The amount of time your results will last depends on the exact product you had injected, among other factors. Typically, fillers last from several months to a year or more. And the treatments can be repeated as needed for ongoing benefits.

You can learn more information about fillers during a consultation at Ovation Med Spa in Houston. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and get started!