Getting Started with Laser Hair Removal

For many men and women, there are certain places on their body where hair just doesn’t need to grow. They dislike how it appears and feels on their body. Understandably, they want the hair to be removed. Traditional forms of hair removal, however, don’t offer lasting solutions. At the worst, they offer painful solutions that have to be repeated over time. Instead of subjecting yourself to that experience, you should consider an entirely different solution. Laser hair removal could be one of the best choices that you ever make for your body.

Problems with Shaving

Obviously, the first measure that men and women typically take to remove unwanted hair from their bodies is through shaving. While this isn’t a terrible solution for those who need a quick shave, it doesn’t offer a lasting solution. Secondly, it can be possible to cut yourself. Razor edges are sharp. One wrong twist or too much pressure can cause the sharp blades to pierce your skin. For men, that means you typically have to place a small bandage on your face. This can make them become hyper-aware of themselves, and their confidence may be shaken for the rest of the day.

For women, you also have to wear bandages on your legs. For those who also wear a dress or skirt, you might also feel a tad aware of how your legs look to others. Both can suffer when the problem arises beneath the armpit. Since most people also apply deodorant, you have to suffer from the stinging that a freshly cut armpit offers.

Perhaps the worst aspect of shaving besides potentially cutting yourself, however, is that it’s only temporary. In fact, for many men and women, stubble can sometimes form only an hour after shaving. In the case of women, this cannot be enjoyed. The last thing any woman wants is to go out on a date with her partner and discover that she’s touching them with stubbled legs. It just doesn’t make them feel very attractive.

There’s also a cause for concern in using old razors well past their intended user date. Typically, men and women use their razors until they can’t anymore. This is either because the razor edges themselves have become dull or because they are just so full of gunk. It’s the latter that is the most disconcerting. Do you really want to run a razor that is full of old hair, old skin cells, and perhaps even rust along the sensitive skin of your body? What if there’s a small and open wound? That gunk could access your bloodstream, and you could wind up with a serious infection. Shaving is an archaic form of hair removal. Laser hair removal should take its place.

Problems with Waxing

Perhaps the second most popular choice for men and women in removing unwanted hair is waxing. Yet this solution offers more problems than solutions. True, waxing can remove hair from undesirable places with a bit more ease than a razor. However, it hurts. Plainly put, waxing can cause a lot of discomfort. You’re basically physically pulling out strands of hair from your skin. It’s like eyebrow plucking except on a massive scale.

Waxing can probably be considered a form of torture. Yet even when that torture is over, you’re still going to have hair that comes back. That means you’ll have to sign up for another waxing treatment and go through the entire process again. You shouldn’t have to put yourself through that sort of torment week over week. Not only is it costly, but it takes up time out of your day.

You need a solution that works better than waxing. Hair removal should be a simple process. Laser hair removal can provide that sort of experience.

How Laser Hair Removal Works

For those who have made the decision to set aside their old razors and say no to waxing, then you likely have chosen laser hair removal for all of your unwanted hair removal needs. What exactly can you expect, and how does laser hair removal work? There are actually different types of lasers currently used. This will likely change in the future, however, as cosmetic technology continues to advance.

The most popular one is used for both light and dark skin and has proven to be quite effective at removing hair. Because it’s fast, it does quite well in removing hair from large areas of the body like your legs.

These lasers work by honing in on different pigments within the skin. In particular, they look for dark pigments. This is why those with dark body hair typically receive the best results with fewer treatment sessions. Though even those who have lighter colored hair can still benefit from laser hair removal. Once the laser has honed in on that pigment, it basically destroys the hair cell.

This ensures that the cell is no longer able to produce hair. However, it should be noted that not all hair cells are active at any one given time. As a result, you typically have to go to multiple appointments in order to inactivate all of the hair cells. Otherwise, you might have just a reduced amount of hair growth rather than an entire removal of hair. For those who just want to have a little less hair, then a single appointment may be all that you need. For those who want total hair removal, then you can expect to have to attend a series of appointments.

Best Candidates

Basically, almost everyone can enjoy the benefits of laser hair removal. No matter what skin type you have or if you’re a man or woman, you could have a procedure performed if you meet certain criteria. The results typically rest with what laser is used, the experience of the professional, and what color hair your body produces. Those with darker pigmented hair typically see better results simply because the laser can detect darker shades better. The contrast between light skin and dark hair makes the laser extremely efficient.

As with most laser procedures, if you have problems with the skin, then you might want to forego laser hair removal until the skin condition has been healed. The laser has to access past the skin in order to damage the hair cell. If you have a sensitive skin condition, then the laser might exacerbate the problem. Age doesn’t matter all that much. No matter how old you are, if you want unwanted hair removed, then you could undergo laser hair removal.

Tips Before You Show Up

You’ve made the appointment at our highly experienced and trained office. Now, what do you do? For newcomers, knowing just what to do and what not to do may not seem obvious. We’ll offer you some general hints about what you can expect and how you can prepare.

First, you should shave your body before you go. Typically, experts suggest shaving at least 24 hours before your appointment. However, if your body typically grows hair back quickly, then you might want to shave that time down to six hours before the appointment. You want to be as smooth as possible. This is because the laser can have a bit more of a difficult time accessing the hair cells if the stalk is pushing against it. Because it can be difficult to sometimes reach certain areas, professionals are typically fine with cleaning up certain areas.

Women should also shave their face if they intend to have laser hair removal performed on their face. All women have a bit of peach fuzz on their skin. You can typically use a shaver that offers close-to-skin trimming.

However, you shouldn’t have the area you’re going to have worked on waxed. This is because some hair still needs to exist within the follicle. Shaving simply cuts down the hair from the surface. The laser still requires the hair follicle’s presence in order to find the cell. Waxing can also damage your skin, which can make laser hair removal difficult. You should also refrain from waxing between your appointments.

You may be in the habit of wearing makeup when you leave your home. For those who are heading to a laser hair removal procedure, however, you should neglect your makeup for that day. Come bare-faced to your appointment. Consider your laser hair removal day an indulgent day where you don’t need to wear makeup.

Another step that you should take, even before you make the appointment, is to ensure that the technician is experienced and professional. At our clinic, we offer only the best specialists at your disposal. They have both your care and your desires for the smoothness of your body in mind when performing the procedure. Much like any other cosmetic procedure, it can go wrong in inexperienced hands. Our team can help alleviate those fears.

The number of appointments that you need largely depends on your skin and hair type as well as the area that you’re having treated. With that being said, you can expect to come in for a series of treatment sessions.

Another aspect to consider is the sun. While you can be tan and still receive laser hair removal, it isn’t typically recommended. This is because lasers work best with a high contrast between the pigment of the hair follicle and the surrounding skin. As such, it’s best that you stay out of the sun for a set amount of time leading up to your appointment. Wear sunscreen to further protect your skin. You should also endeavor to stay out of the sun once your laser hair removal procedure is finished.

It’s important that you inform us about any medications that you are taking. This is because certain prescriptions can make your skin more light-sensitive. To ensure that you’re comfortable and receive the best results, we need to know what’s going on inside of your body.

Say Goodbye to Unwanted Hair

No one should have to suffer from unwanted hair. Reach out to the team at Ovation Med Spa in Houston to find out if laser hair removal can work for you. Contact us today to book your appointment!