How Can A Healthy Diet Improve My Skin?

Skin receives nourishment from the food we eat. Choosing healthy foods with the essential nutrients your body needs will help your skin will become radiant. Eating unhealthy foods and your skin will tend towards dry, dull, and oily. Switching to a balanced diet can promote skin rejuvenation within a few months of starting and help you maintain healthy skin for years to come.

The Key to Skin Rejuvenation: A Healthy Diet

Break-outs, dry and oily skin, are common problems for patients in Houston. Maybe you’re trying to figure out why your skin goes back to the way it looked before a skin rejuvenation treatment. Often the answer is simpler than you think: you aren’t getting enough nutrients and vitamins your skin and body needs.

Our body craves nutrients, and sometimes it’s easier to replace the need for natural sugar from fruit with a cookie or healthy fat found in nuts or fish with a greasy cheeseburger. Though these unhealthy alternatives will satisfy your hunger, they will not truly nourish your skin and body. For that, you’ll need to switch to a healthy diet rich in the vitamins you need to look and feel your best.

What is a Healthy Diet?

A healthy diet means eating fresh food, usually prepared at home without the added salt, sugar, and fat found in take-out. Of course, there is room for the occasional slice of cake or bag of chips, but it should not be a cornerstone of your diet. Instead, focus on meals that include:

  • Five portions of fruit and vegetables every day.
  • Healthy fat from lean meat, fish, avocado, and nuts.
  • Oils like flaxseed, walnut, rapeseed, and linseed that contain omega-3.

Switching to a balanced diet can initially be challenging for patients in Houston, but if you stay consistent your palate will change and all those tempting snacks high in fat, sugar, and salt won’t taste as good as they used to.

5 Bad Habits to Avoid for Better Skin

Simply cutting back or quitting on some bad habits can be enough to begin a healthy new lifestyle and improve your skin. Here are five tips to get you started:

  • Limit alcohol because it dehydrates skin, depriving your body of nutrients and causing your face to look bloated.
  • Quit smoking, which speeds natural aging and causes you to look older than you are.
  • Reduce the amount of sugar and salt you eat. These are found in every almost every food item, from baked goods to salad dressing.
  • Watch your caffeine intake. Too much coffee tea, and soda can dehydrate your skin in the same way as alcohol.
  • Protect yourself from sun exposure, especially during peak hours from 10am to 2pm. Sun damage is particularly harmful to your skin if you are fair-skinned.

It can be hard to start new habits and break old ones, but your skin will respond better and maintain results from skin rejuvenation treatments much longer.

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