Treat Damaged Skin with Low Downtime Laser Treatments in Houston

Nobody wants unhealthy skin. Nobody enjoys looking in the mirror to see spots, lines, or wrinkles. But it can seem like quality skincare is a full time job, between the lotions, ointments, and dietary restrictions, you may have to sacrifice a lot just to ensure that your skin is clear.

And the worst part is, it might not even work. You can put in lots of effort just to see your skin quality worsen.

Fortunately, there is a way to get clear skin without spending all of your time and money in the process.

At Ovation Med Spa, we understand how frustrating skin health can be. So we wanted to introduce you to our line of low downtime laser treatments. These procedures can leave you with shiny, healthy skin, and once they’re complete, they won’t leave you confined indoors for weeks at a time.

What Causes Skin Damage

There’s a term for sun damage: photoaging. As you may have guessed, photoaging is a process that leaves your skin looking prematurely aged. If you spend a lot of time out in the sun, you could look years older than you actually are.

Ultraviolet Rays

Ultraviolet (UV) rays come from the sun. And when these UV rays penetrate your skin, it may become damaged at the deepest levels. You may not even notice that your skin has been photoaged for several years, until the damage comes to the surface.

You can prevent photoaging by wearing sunscreen regularly, but it’s easy to forget, and you may not realize you’ve made a mistake in your skincare regimen until it’s too late. So once you notice skin damage, you need a way to reverse it.

Talk to Us

If you’re looking for low downtime laser treatments, you’ll need a consultation. It’s a simple process, but an important one.

Even if you’ve already got a specific laser treatment in mind, we’ll still have to ask you some questions before we get started. We’ll also give you a short physical exam, so we can get an idea of your skin’s quality and which treatment will work best to erase your sun damage.

A woman smiles after low downtime laser treatments

We can begin formulating a custom treatment plan for you. You don’t have to worry about us trying to recommend a treatment you won’t need. We only suggest procedures that we think will work for your skin. Speaking of procedures, we have quite a few low downtime laser treatments you might be interested in.

PicoFractional Laser

One of the ways that we can reverse skin damage is by erasing the discolored pigmentation. The PicoFractional laser aims to do just that. The laser uses energy pulses to penetrate the skin and break up the discoloration into particles. These particles eventually come to the surface of the skin and shed, disappearing forever.

The laser’s energy pulses also result in increased collagen production. So this process removes damaged skin and creates healthy skin at the same time. This is a procedure that works on all skin types, so you won’t have to worry if your skin tone is a match for the PicoFractional laser.

This treatment can be applied to more than just the face. You can also receive treatment on your chest, hands, and neck.

A laser that penetrates the skin is certainly a complicated machine, and you may be wondering how the actual treatment feels. It depends on the person, but many people find the procedure to be totally comfortable. Our practitioners are highly trained, so you won’t have to worry about them screwing up the treatment.

Once the treatment is complete, you can head back to work or home with absolutely zero downtime. You don’t have to spend your entire day on better skin.

MOXI Laser

With MOXI laser treatments, collagen production is the name of the game. Collagen is a protein found naturally in the human body that aids in the production of healthier skin. Unfortunately, your body makes less and less collagen as you get older, so we have to take some steps to induce production ourselves.

The MOXI laser resurfaces skin, which results in new collagen growth. In the process, the MOXI laser can also erase sun damage and retexture skin for a more even feel. We prefer lasers that have multiple benefits, and the MOXI laser uses multiple techniques to aid in prominent skin rejuvenation. 

In total, the treatment lasts about 30 minutes, though this may vary depending on which part of the body you’re treating.

We recommend that you schedule at least 3-4 treatments scheduled over a few months for the best possible results, but luckily, there’s very little downtime after each treatment.

You may notice your skin feels a little tender following your treatment, but that’s totally normal. And as your skin sheds the treated tissue, it might develop a kind of sandy texture. This is also to be expected, and it should return to normal quickly. In fact, it could be better than normal. 

Once your skin is finished healing, you can notice improvements in your skin’s texture and clarity.

Arctic Laser Peel

The Arctic Laser Peel is another one of our laser treatments with low downtime. It can treat several photoaging symptoms, like wrinkles and sun damage. The treatment works by scanning  your skin and identifying photoaged skin.

From there, the laser will work to accurately remove damaged tissue. This process is customized to each one of our patients.

We measure laser power in microns, and though your skin will likely require 4-10 microns, this range can vary depending on the specific properties of your skin.

Following the treatment, your skin will begin to create collagen, boosting the production of smoother skin. The process is incredibly brisk, taking only around a half hour in total, so you won’t need to set aside too much time for the procedure itself.

You may want to take a few days off while your skin heals, but you should only need 1-3 days of downtime.

Traditionally, we recommend Arctic Laser Peels for patients that have experience with laser resurfacing treatments. That being said, if you’re still a laser resurfacing novice and you’re interested in Arctic Laser Peel, we can discuss your options during the consultation process.

HALO Laser

The HALO Laser is designed to even out your skin texture. This procedure doesn’t require any downtime and the recovery process is minimal. It can combat lots of the symptoms commonly associated with photoaging, including:

  • Spots
  • Wrinkles
  • Lines
  • Discoloration
  • Dullness
  • Large pores

One of the advantages of the HALO laser is that it uses both ablative and non-ablative wavelengths.

An ablative laser removes tissue from the surface of the skin, whereas non-ablative lasers work much deeper. When these work together, you can see much more comprehensive results faster.

A practicioner performs a HALO treatment, one of our many low downtime laser treatments

Following a HALO treatment, you will likely notice some physical effects. Your skin might be tender and red, similar to that of a sunburn.

This should abate quickly, and it won’t impact your regular routine. And like the PicoFractional laser, the HALO laser isn’t designed for the face and the face alone. You can request a HALO laser treatment for the neck or décolletage.

If you’re interested in seeing HALO results for yourself, we have a gallery on our treatment page. We don’t shy away from showing the results of our treatments. In fact, we’re proud to show them off!

Forever Young BBL

The last of our low downtime laser treatments is Forever Young BBL. The BBL stands for broadband light, which is the technology we employ to give you a more even skin tone.

The broad band light penetrates the skin and targets specific bundles of melanin. These melanin bundles are the source of red and dark spots. 

Once those bundles are broken up, you’re left with clearer, healthier-looking skin. And though the BBL reaches deep into the skin, it doesn’t actively harm it. You shouldn’t notice any significant discomfort, but at any rate, the treatment can be completed in just 20 minutes.

Depending on your treatment plan, you may only need a single treatment for your desired results. Before you schedule your Forever Young BBL treatment, will give a custom recommendation based on your skin type.

After your procedure is complete, you can take some steps to ensure that your results last as long as possible.

We suggest you stay out of the sun as much as possible in the initial few days following your procedure. But if you need to go out and get some fresh air, we’d at least recommend you put on some sunscreen.

You can also schedule a few yearly maintenance appointments to keep your skin looking fresh.

Ovation Med Spa

At Ovation Med Spa, we’ve worked hard to curate a list of low downtime laser treatments that can fit any skin type.

We also wanted to ensure that our treatments didn’t leave you in need of extensive aftercare. You’re a busy person, and it’s hard enough to keep your skin healthy as it is.

So if we can offer you any assistance in maintaining your skin health, we’re more than happy to do so. We’re in the people business.

We love helping our patients look their absolute best. Because when you look your best, you feel your best too.

A woman feels her best after low downtime laser treatments in Houston

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