4 Green Flags to Look For in a Med Spa Near You (and Red Flags to Steer Clear Of)



    1. Withstand the test of time
    2. Offer customizable treatment plans
    3. Offer an in-depth consultation process
    4. Have a friendly team who proves they have your best interest at heart

Let’s take a closer look at what each of these green flags look like in practice!

Green flag #1: Withstands the test of time

Let’s say you just moved to a new city and you need to establish a primary care physician. You go to Google and search, “Doctors near me”. Likely, you’re going to do some research before making an appointment with the first doctor that pops up.

Similarly, when you go to Google and search, “Med spas near me”, you’ll want to look for the number of years in practice, what kind of experience the treatment providers have, and proof that other people like you have had success with this med spa.

Ultimately, a med spa is still a medical environment you’re trusting with not only your health, but your physical appearance! You don’t want to be a guinea pig, and you want to know that your aesthetic goals aren’t just a far-fetched fantasy. They will be met!

Ovation Med Spa is an established medical spa that has been around for over 16 years. Many of our clients have been with us since our start! With that kind of experience and expertise in the field, it’s safe to say our clients are in good hands.

Red flag #1: No track record

Ask yourself these questions when researching a med spa near you:

  • Does the med spa near you lack a website?
  • If there is a website, does it have support to back up their claims and mission?
  • What kind of education/training do the medical providers have?
  • Is there a history of clientele?
  • What is the med spa’s story?

This isn’t to say that a new med spa is automatically untrustworthy; everybody has to start somewhere. However, definitely do your research and be wary. You would probably feel safer going to a med spa with a record of people they ‘ve helped achieve aesthetic goals rather than a med spa with no record at all.

Green flag #2: Customized treatment plans

When looking for a med spa near you, you want to be sure that they offer a wide range of treatment options. Do they have the treatment you are looking for? Do they target the problem areas you are struggling with?

We consider ourselves to be “treatment agnostic”, meaning we are open to a variety of treatment options, rather than solely subscribing to one; we believe combination treatments are the key to success.

A provider should strive to have a deep understanding of each individual client, recognizing that everybody is different, and therefore every treatment plan will be different. At Ovation, we offer an in-depth consultation, which allows us to truly get to know the needs of our client.

We then use that information to customize a treatment plan to yield the results the client needs in order to look and feel their best. This looks different for every client, because again, every client is different.

In order to execute these customized treatment plans, we have invested in up-to-date technology that is industry-standard. We don’t settle for less, and neither should the med spa you choose.

At Ovation, we currently hold more than 40 FDA-cleared devices used for treatment, while most other med spas only have 3 or 4 FDA-cleared devices. We value every client’s uniqueness and if the med spa you are researching doesn’t, ditch it.

monitor showing possible treatment plan at a med spa near you

Red flag #2: Uses the “One-Size-Fits-All” approach

If a med spa is telling you, “Look no further! You can get all of these treatments for a low price of ____!” Run. Away. A carbon copied treatment plan will not work. One size does not fit all, especially in the aesthetics world.

Everybody is different, so every treatment plan should reflect that. The same treatment plan would not work for you and your mom, for example, even if you feel you share similar features.

Green flag #3: Offers an in-depth consultation process

No reputable med spa will take your money and give you a treatment plan without first conducting a consultation.

A consultation is an opportunity to discuss your goals and the questions and concerns you have. Be curious and fire those questions off. Your aesthetic professional is there to give you the answers and solutions you need.

For Ovation, kicking off this process begins with either a phone call or an online request. We also have a Treatmeng Planning Tool, which allows you to digitally choose your cosmetic concerns on a virtual human body and send that along with your contact information straight to us.

During the 1-hour in-person consultation at Ovation, an aesthetic professional will:

  • Offer a thorough history of our clinic, staff, and treatments
  • Educate you about your skin and body condition
  • Ask you about your concerns
  • Present an individualized evaluation and photo analysis of your skin
  • Review before-and-after photos from clients who have received the services we offer
  • Provide a comprehensive long-term treatment plan, including products and services

If you’re antsy and can’t wait to receive all of the answers to your questions during the consultation, checking that the med spa near you has a Frequently Asked Questions section on their website is another great place to start.

Red flag #3: The consultation process is rushed or nonexistent

A consultation is a vital part of the aesthetics treatment process. Without one, your provider will not know the key information needed to help you meet your goals.

A med spa near you should be enthusiastic about educating you on their company, processes, and your skin and/or body condition(s). An aesthetic professional needs to be familiar with your condition and goals in order to begin any procedures.

A good consultation will answer all of your questions and ideally calm any nerves you have.

Don’t settle for a med spa that:

a) Breezes through the consultation and doesn’t answer all your questions

b) Is heavily pushing a specific treatment and does not seem to be listening to your needs

c) Does not offer a consultation at all (Major red flag. How are they supposed to help you meet your goals if they don’t understand what those are?)

woman sitting at a med spa consultation being shown treatment options on a tablet

Green flag #4: The atmosphere is warm and judgment-free

If you really think about what you’re doing when going to a med spa, it sounds a little crazy, right? Going into a place and sharing deep-seated insecurities with people you don’t know is an extremely vulnerable experience, and we appreciate that.

That’s why it is important for the staff at your med spa to make you feel comfortable and safe in disclosing your aesthetic goals. The staff should be friendly, warm, and eager to help!

We have all been in a situation where the people working at a business clearly just want you out of their hair. You can see it in the body language and you can feel it in the room. It’s not a good feeling!

In the same way, you can feel when someone genuinely cares about helping you and has your best interest at heart. At Ovation, you’ll know you came to the right place the second you walk through the doors and are greeted by our brilliant front desk team!

Red flag #4: It just feels off

Whether it is that the environment doesn’t feel welcoming, the providers are not listening to you, or something about the whole experience just feels off, it is probably best to cut ties.

Our gut knows more than we tend to give it credit for. If something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t. That old phrase, “Better safe than sorry” applies. Keep looking!

Here’s to the journey of looking and feeling your best

We at Ovation Med Spa sincerely hope that these green flags help you begin your journey with a med spa near you. You deserve to be in the hands of knowledgeable, trained staff who will help you achieve your goals so you can look and feel your best.

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