Optimize Your Health with Hormone Therapy for Men

As men age, their testosterone production declines. This change is often dramatic, with fifty percent of all men over sixty having low testosterone levels. In most cases, this level decreases one percent per year once the man reaches the age of fifty. The testosterone levels in men begin to fall during their third decade and continue to decrease until their life is over. This happens because of the decrease of the cells producing the hormone. These issues can also result from changes in the proteins and hormones regulating the production of testosterone. One of the best options is hormone therapy for men.

One thing to keep in mind about testosterone is there are several different types existing in the blood. There are different hormonal activities for each type. Unbound or free testosterone is considered a fully active hormone, but the protein bound testosterone can be either inactive or partially active. The total testosterone is generally measured with a blood draw. This is a combination of both forms. The functions of numerous organs are affected by testosterone. In the brain, thinking, mood, male aggression and libido are influenced.

Visual skills and verbal memory can be improved with testosterone therapy. When the level is too low, it can impact depression and fatigue. Testosterone is responsible for muscle growth and strength, erections, penile growth, stimulating the blood and stem cells in the kidneys and bones, prostatic growth and sperm production. Testosterone is also responsible for beard growth and body hair growth. This influence makes hormone therapy for men an extremely important option.

When the testosterone levels are low, hormone therapy for men can reduce bone fractures and improve bone mineral density. This can be critical because a man is two to three times more likely to die from a hip fracture than a woman the same age. Testosterone also decreases fat mass, has the potential to increase strength and increases lean body mass.

Sexual function and sexual drive also increase with normal testosterone levels. Hormone therapy for men often improves penile erections for those with low levels of testosterone.

Hormone therapy for men is only becoming more popular, and it could work for you! If you are interested in hormone therapy for men and would like to learn more about this treatment, set up an initial consultation with the experts at Ovation Med Spa in Houston. The sooner you get started with treatment, the sooner you’ll be on your way to optimal health and wellness. Contact us today to book an appointment!