Restore Your Feminine Wellness with ThermiVa

As a woman, you were prepared for your body to go through changes when you grew older. You were ready for the approach of menopause and all of the symptoms that come with it. You’ve taken the hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, and fatigue in stride. Changes in lifestyle have helped you to manage, but there is one problem you did not expect. You’re experiencing discomfort in the most private part of your body. It’s your vaginal tissues. They feel stretched out and lack the sensitivity that you used to have. You’ve experienced a lack of lubrication, which causes irritation all of the time. Intimacy is the last thing on your mind when you are so uncomfortable. You thought something was wrong with you, but this is a normal part of aging. You’ve tried hormone creams and lubricants, but nothing has really been effective. It is time to consider ThermiVa® to restore your feminine wellness.

What Can ThermiVa® Do for You?

The ThermiVa® treatment uses radiofrequency energy to gently heat the delicate tissues of your vagina at carefully controlled temperatures. When the heat is applied to the affected tissue in your vagina, it triggers the production of collagen and stimulates circulation to the area. In time, you will notice an improvement as you no longer feel dry and irritated. The treatment will result in a tightening effect as well, improving your experience in the bedroom with your partner.

Why Choose ThermiVa® Treatments?

ThermiVa® is recommended if you are experiencing the typical problems that affect women as their bodies get ready for menopause. A decrease in reproductive hormones can actually cause the tissues of the vagina to thin out and tear more easily. It can also reduce lubrication and cause a loosening of the tissue due to a decrease in collagen production. ThermiVa® treatments can rejuvenate the vaginal tissues.

If you have had one or more children, pregnancy and delivery can take quite a toll on your vaginal tissues as well. This may occur at a younger age. After giving birth, you may feel like your vaginal tissues never snapped back the way they should have. You may also experience irritation and issues with lubrication. You do not just have to deal with the discomfort. This treatment can help you on the path to feminine wellness.

Ask Us About ThermiVa® Today

If you have been experiencing vaginal discomfort, ThermiVa® might be the answer for you. Make an appointment to discuss your symptoms with us at Ovation Med Spa. You will be carefully evaluated to ensure that no underlying condition is causing your symptoms. If it is an issue related to hormonal changes or the strain of childbirth, we may recommend ThermiVa®. Contact our office in Houston today to learn how you can experience the non-invasive, non-surgical approach specially designed to restore your feminine wellness.