Restore Your Intimate Wellness with the O-Shot In Houston

You’re not happy with what is happening in the most feminine part of your body. We’re talking about your vaginal comfort. It’s an area that most women steer clear of in conversation. However, your body isn’t cooperating. You have been feeling discomfort that you can’t treat on your own. You have been dealing with chronic dryness that makes you feel irritated. It is hard to describe, but it feels like your vaginal tissues are loose. You don’t have the sensitivity that you would like when it comes to intimacy anymore. You’re looking for something that will improve your intimate wellness. The O-Shot™ in Houston could be the answer.

Don’t Let Vaginal Changes Get the Best of You

Your vaginal tissues are delicate. Having one or more children can really take a toll on this sensitive area by stretching it out and causing damage to the tissues. Aging is another issue that affects your vaginal health. The O-Shot™ in Houston is intended to help you improve the conditions in this sensitive part of your body.

The O-Shot™ journey begins with having a sample of your blood drawn. Once your blood has been drawn, it will be separated in a device known as a centrifuge in order to acquire the platelet-rich plasma in your blood, also called PRP. Once the PRP has been taken from your blood, it will be injected into your vaginal tissues. A topical anesthetic will be applied first to numb the area for your comfort. The PRP will trigger the development of healthy cells, collagen, and increase your circulation.

As your O-Shot™ treatment kicks in, you will feel relief from your symptoms. Expect lubrication to improve dramatically. Your tissues will feel tighter. You won’t have that irritation that has been getting the best of you. The O-Shot™ can make you feel like a new woman.

Talk to Your Doctor About the O-Shot™ in Houston

The O-Shot™ is changing women’s lives every day. You can be one of those women. It’s time to say goodbye to that vaginal discomfort that has been hanging around for too long. Start your journey when you contact us today at Ovation Med Spa and choose a time to visit our office in Houston, TX. Come in for a consultation and we’ll find the right treatment plan for you.