Save Money On The Cost Of Razors With Laser Hair Removal

Most people want to grow hair, not lose it. The exception is of course unwanted hair growth in sensitive areas. Those who battle hair growth near the lips, arms, or other problem areas may seek a permanent solution. Constantly having to shave these areas can be a real hassle, and waxing and plucking treatments simply aren’t in the cards for everyone. However, there is now a more effective solution available with laser hair removal.

Lasers have been used for permanent hair removal for some time now, but the recent advancements in instrument design and capabilities have made this technique available to a much larger consumer base. Regardless of skin tone, hair color, and follicle depth, there’s a laser hair removal treatment that can produce desirable results.

What Is Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal utilizes the power and benefits of light by sending pulsating light into each hair follicle, damaging it, and inhibiting its ability to grow back as thick, or even at all. Because once the follicle is damaged, it can degrade and become unable to grow. It may not grow back, meaning there can be no more hair growth in that specific area.

Treatment Plans

We suggest scheduling three to five treatments so that we can be sure we are disabling all of the follicles while they are in a growth phase. Each treatment takes just a short time to perform because the newest fractional lasers can emit pixelated, scattered beams. An area the size of a quarter can be treated with just a few pulses of energy. However, time varies depending on the size of the treatment area.

During the consultation, we can determine the best treatment schedule for the individual. Lighter-toned hairs can be more difficult to tackle because the follicles that produce them are also lighter in tone. If so, we may have to repeat the treatment more often, or choose a more direct targeting strategy to ensure the disabling of the follicle without harming the adjacent tissues.

After treatments are complete, the affected follicles can eventually die. Any hair strand that exists may fall out on its own within several weeks. Most of our clients visit us for periodic maintenance treatments once or twice a year afterward. This is to ensure optimal results.

Smoother Skin And No Razors

You can enjoy smooth skin and never have to worry about buying razors again. If you are struggling with the maintenance and cost of unwanted hair and you feel that you could benefit from laser hair removal, reach out to our office here at Ovation Med Spa located in Houston. One of our trained professionals would love to assist you in exploring your treatment options. Contact us today and schedule your consultation!