Sick of Shaving? Consider Laser Hair Removal in Houston!

You’re excited for your tropical vacation. The one thing you are not looking forward to is all the shaving you will have to do to keep your legs and your bikini line in shape. That is generally when you get those nicks, scrapes, cuts and those darn razor bumps on your bikini line. That is the part of shaving that you hate the most. It is like you go through all the trouble to strip the hair off to look good, but your razor curses you with imperfections. This year, you want flawless, smooth, silky skin that will make everyone else jealous. To achieve this, you have been looking into the virtues of laser hair removal because, in all honesty, you are simply sick of shaving. But, will laser hair removal in Houston give you the perfect skin you have been wanting for so long?

Since the dawn of shaving, women have been looking for an alternative to the whole process of using razors. The brutal reality is that a razor damages the skin through the use of friction when the razor scrapes across the skin’s surface. If you have an unsteady hand, then you will get nicks, cuts and blemishes that you never intended to endure.

By switching from a razor to laser hair removal, there is no blade to cause skin damage. The goal of laser hair removal is to use photon energy absorbed by the pigment of hair follicles to impair the follicles’ ability to regrow hair. This means that cuts, nicks and scrapes are not likely to happen because there is no mechanism to cause these blemishes in your otherwise flawless skin. It is, however, possible for a technician using a laser to damage your skin, but this is why you have this procedure done by our skilled professional in Houston the right way. Remember, we are skin experts.

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