The Advantages of a VI Peel

A VI Peel is a cosmetic treatment that offers a host of advantages. It is a medium depth chemical peel applicable to the face and various other body parts to treat everything from skin tone and texture to aging signs and sun damage. The treatment works because the peel works to rejuvenate the skin at a deeper level. With basic peels, only the upper layers of the skin are treated, so a VI Peel is one of the most effective chemical peels available. Here at Ovation Med Spa, we are thrilled to offer this revitalizing solution to our patients and encourage you to learn more about it.

What are the Advantages of a VI Peel?

A VI Peel offers advantages that include:

  • A More Even Skin Tone A VI Peel can help the skin achieve a more even texture and tone. It can also treat age spots from sun exposure, and freckles can be lightened with this chemical peel as well. The skin will be tightened from this process as well.
  • Treats Acne and Scars – A VI Peel will keep your pores unclogged to prevent acne flare-ups because it removes dead skin cells. In addition, it also softens acne scars.
  • Minimal Downtime – When you choose to have this peel, you require very little downtime. We only recommend you avoid strenuous activities that promote sweating and/or necessitate direct exposure to the sun, as perspiration and V rays can adversely affect the outcome of the peel.
  • Long-Lasting Results – After a number of days you will notice firmer, more supple skin. Each successive treatment will continue to enhance the quality of your skin.
  • It Can Be Used On All Skin Types – This peel can be used on all skin types. People of all complexions and backgrounds can benefit from the aesthetic abilities of this extraordinary treatment. It is also a safe treatment for those with sensitive skin.

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