Three Benefits of a SkinPen Treatment in Houston

Your skin is a healing machine, but sometimes it needs a little motivation. This is why medical science has created all kinds of tools to provoke and stimulate the skin to undergo a healing process that produces a wide variety of different outcomes. Since this healing process can be tapped, it makes it possible for cosmetic professionals to use certain devices to penetrate the skin and manipulate the sublayers of skin. Generally, the goal is to do this in a non-surgical way. One of the best treatments in Houston that accomplishes this is known as the SkinPen®.

Collagen Production

When it comes to procedures that are in the realm of cosmetic treatments, the search for the holy grail is generally whatever can stimulate the body to produce more collagen. As you age, your collagen production tends to be less and less. As a result of this diminishing collagen problem, your skin will tend to show signs of aging, and sometimes premature aging at that. Consequently, you will see aging skin and wrinkles forming in your skin. One of the major benefits of using SkinPen® treatment is that it stimulates the repair and healing processes of the skin that is necessary for provoking the body to engage in collagen production. This means that this procedure is kind of like turning back the clock as it makes your skin look youthful again.

Good for All Skin Types

One of the problems with certain methods of collagen production in Houston is that the heat and light tend to not work well with certain skin types and tones. This means a lot of people who would like to use the treatments will not get the full benefits of these methods of improving the aesthetic qualities of the skin. Thankfully, SkinPen® treatments can be used on patients of all skin types.

Improving Skin Problems

Another area where SkinPen® is beneficial is in improving the structure and look of damaged skin. For example, to clear up scar tissue in the skin, you must be able to get down into the sublayers of the skin to get the cellular components in those areas to react. This treatment can reach closer to these levels, so it has a good chance of causing scar tissue to shrink and fade as a result of the healing process. SkinPen® treatments can be used to address lines and wrinkles, poor skin texture, and more!

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