Treat Dynamic Wrinkles with BOTOX in Houston

BOTOX® is a long-trusted and FDA-approved injectable solution that has the power to release built-up tension in select muscle groups. When injected into certain areas, it can smooth out dynamic wrinkles that are the result of facial movement. It certainly isn’t surprising then that BOTOX® has been one of the top options in non-surgical cosmetic procedures since 2000. With so many of these procedures being performed each year, Houston locals can trust this revolutionary formula to help them turn back the hands of time and reach their aesthetic goals.

Simple and Convenient

Not only is BOTOX® an incredibly effective non-surgical solution to dynamic facial wrinkling, but it’s also a very convenient treatment. This is currently one of the quickest and easiest cosmetic procedures available. Most treatments take just minutes to complete. And virtually no downtime is involved. This is why countless Houston residents have been calling BOTOX® the “lunchtime facelift.”

What to Expect

Before performing any BOTOX® injections, our provider will review your cosmetic goals and map out a plan for delivering this solution to all areas affected by dynamic wrinkling. These injections are performed in the comfort of our state-of-the-art med spa in Houston. While the full effects of this treatment won’t be apparent right away, you may notice an immediate decrease in crow’s feet, frown lines, and perioral wrinkles at the mouth. Best of all, you’ll see further improvements in each of these areas over the following days.

What BOTOX® Can and Cannot Accomplish

Dynamic wrinkles are facial creases that are the direct result of repetitive facial movements. As tension accumulates in the expressive muscles, tiny creases start to appear at the surface of the skin. BOTOX® works as an anti-aging treatment by temporarily blocking the nerve communication that controls these muscles. In turn, the treated muscles relax, and creases at the surface of the skin are released.

BOTOX® is not, however, a suitable treatment for static wrinkles, or wrinkles that remain visible even when the expressive muscles are relaxed. This is a much more advanced form of wrinkling that’s usually associated with facial volume loss. Unlike dynamic wrinkles, static wrinkling often has to be treated with other measures, such as dermal fillers.

Are You a Good Candidate for BOTOX®?

As with all other cosmetic procedures, the best candidates for BOTOX® are in good overall health and have realistic expectations. When you consult with our specialist at Ovation Med Spa in Houston, you can see if you qualify for the treatment. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!