What is Vanquish?

There are a lot of products and treatments that are designed to help you contour your body. Some are designed to help an obese individual get their weight under control. This would include things like gastric bypass surgery. Others are designed to help an individual who is within their healthy body mass index get rid of the unwanted stubborn fat deposits that they have. Vanquish is a treatment that is designed to help sculpt your body by getting rid of the fat that sits around your midsection. It can also be used on your thighs. This powerful procedure has been so effective that in some individuals, it is able to eliminate up to 59% of the unwanted fat in the area that is treated.

Vanquish is not a surgical procedure. It does not use injections or any type of medication. To the contrary, it is a non-invasive radiofrequency treatment that can eliminate unwanted fat on individuals who have not had success with diet and exercise alone. It is an amazing alternative for individuals who want to lose weight, but who have no desire to undergo surgery.

The Vanquish device has been approved by the FDA. It works by using radiofrequency energy to heat the temperature deep in your body. This safely kills the targeted fat cells. And over the following weeks, your body is going to start eliminating the dead fat cells through natural processes. It’s going to flush all of this extra fat away.

In order to see the best results, you will need to undergo a series of Vanquish treatments. Each treatment is going to be spaced a set amount of time apart for optimal results. What’s nice is that it is a non-surgical procedure, so you are not going to have anesthesia or recovery time. You simply walk into our office, you have the procedure performed and you go back to your everyday routine.

This is an amazing procedure for individuals who are interested in taking care of the way that their core looks. It is able to help you with problem areas, especially if your diet and exercise are not giving you the results that you want.

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